Captains Favorite Strait Cruise Sullorsuaq | Private tour | Ilulissat | Disko Bay

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June - August
8 hours
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This tour is for those who want the perfect picture. So make sure your memory card is empty before heading out on this trip.

The journey begins from morning departure from Ilulissat, heading across Disko Bay towards Disko Island. Heading away from Ilulissat and further into the icebergs, more magnificent ice sculptures will be at view. Chances of spotting wildlife will also be very likely, seals and whales whilst sailing among the coastline of mountains as high as 1,6 kilometers high.

Also, we will pass a funny phenomenon – a stone glacier. Rocks and ice mixed together, and the rare thing about the stone glacier on Disko Island is that it ends up in the sea. That is not seen in other places in the world.

In Vaigat you will come to Qullissat. If the weather allows, anchor up and go to shore with the dinghy for one hour. Qullissat is a closed coal mine city. It closed in 1973. All houses are still there from the 1500 inhabitants. An interesting place to visit.

From Qullissat heading cross Vaigat and head for the settlement Saqqaq. Saqqaq is surrounded by high beautiful mountains on the one side and icebergs and perfect view to the Disko Island on the other side. Spending one hour in Saqqaq.

From Saqqaq back to Ilulissat past the beautiful coastline of Arveprinsens Ejland.

Lunch and dinner can be arranged on the tour – or you can bring your own.

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