UTV Glacier Expedition | Ilulissat - Ilimanaq | Disko Bay

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June - August
7 hours
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Join this ride into the wilderness south of Iliminaq, leading to the soaring Icecap of Greenland.

If you are in Ilulissat, the adventure starts early at Kussangajaannguaq 7 where you will meet your fellow explorers. Together you will head on to a boat and travel through the ice packed passages in the presence of playful sea creatures (please note, that if you are in Ilulissat you will also have to book the boat transfer to Ilimanaq).

While setting the sails towards Ilimanaq, enjoy the breathtaking landscape and look over the crystal blue waters reflecting the sun. After a short landing in Ilimanaq, you will head back on the sea for the highlight of the adventure. When arriving at the beach south of Ilimanaq, your next destination is the Tasiusaq fjord, where you will drive on a UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) through the untouched arctic tundra. Tasiusaq fjord has been a popular place since ancient times, and Inuit migrate waves have been coming and going since they first arrived in Greenland. The last bit to reach the glacier is by speed boat throuhg the stunning fjord system.

Before venturing onto the ice, you will have a little break to enjoy the lunch pack and the amazing views. The huge glacier walls, will decorate any visiting explorer and welcome you into its home. When getting up on the glacier, you will get the impression of an infinite glacier, stretching 1000 of kilometres in each direction, that will emotionally drain you with its beauty.

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