Evening Kayaking Among Icebergs | Ilulissat | Disko Bay

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June - September
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From cultural and historic walks to the essence of Ilulissat, sailing among enormous icebergs in Ilulissat Icefjord. Have you always wanted to try kayaking? What better way to master the skill of sailing than in one of Greenland’s most popular places, the Icefjord of endless waters with the chances of strolling across the water surface in the company of humpback whales.

With this tour, you will get an experienced guide to instruct you about the safety and how to handle a kayak. This is for everyone who loves the aspect of Greenland and wants the full arctic experience when in Ilulissat.

For the experienced kayakers to beginners, you will along with your fellow explorers get a day of enchanting nature along with the thrilling experience of the Greenlandic sea. Smell the arctic fresh breeze and enjoy the quietness surrounding you while the midnight sun glooms across the water surface and give the humongous icebergs red and pink nuances.

An almost therapeutic experience gliding over the waves and listen to the water splashing on the side of your kayak as you sit and enjoy your mesmerizing surroundings.

A thrilling activity as the sun starts to set with beautiful colours and you start to understand manoeuvring the kayak. Do not miss out on this unique arctic experience on the UNESCO World Heritage approved Icefjord! See the availability by pressing ‘Book Now’ above and book your trip today.


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Midnight Sun


Disko Bay

Ilulissat Icefjord


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