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When thinking about Greenland many people dream about vast landscapes with glaciers and icebergs. With this tour you can make this dream come true.

We will sail out from Uummanaq to the magnificent Qarajaq glacier, also called the "The Big Glacier". This is also the place where the icebergs in the Uumannaq fjord start their journey.

This is a nine hours trip sailing 60 km through the picturesque fjords. Here you can enjoy the view of mountains and icebergs slowly drifting by, as you enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea on the boat. When closing in on the glacier we slow down and zigzag between the small and bigger clusters of ice on the water and take in the grand view of the glacier in front.

As a glacier is a dynamic natural phenomenon that is constantly moving and changing its shape, it varies how close we will get. We will always keep a safe distance to the moving ice. It will nevertheless always be a beautiful tour in the Qarajaq icefjord with the view to the glacier and the icecap.

When we have found a beautiful, picturesque spot with a great view and sun the captain will prepare a delicious Greenlandic lunch for you to enjoy. From the icefjord we will continue to the village Ikerasak.

Ikerasak there are around 240 inhabitants, here we will experience the tranquil daily life in a little Greenlandic village, which mainly sustains itself by fishing and hunting. In the village we will experience the warm, Greenlandic hospitality as we are invited for coffee and cakes. When we have had enough cake we will slowly make our way back to Uummanaq. On the way back we will have a view over the beautiful Paarnat area, where we have the opportunity to see a big waterfall, where the water falls 150 meters down from the big cliffside.

Do not hesitate to join on this amazing adventure, where you experience some Greenlandic highlights as the icecap, icebergs, glaciers and the homely hospitality. Click "Choose a date" above to see availability and book your adventure.


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