Whale Watching | Uummannaq | North Greenland

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June - September
4 hours
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Join this voyage looking for the most immense creatures to have ever existed on our planet. Uummannaq can offer sightings of several species such as the gigantic Fin whale, the enormous yet agile Humpback and the massive and fast swimming Minke whales.

Whales are unpredictable, but the trip itself goes into the beauty of the Uummannaq fjord where you will sail amongst giant icebergs and views of spectacular mountains in the far distance. The captain always keeps his ears open and talks amongst the fishermen and hunters to learn of any sightings, giving him a good idea of where to go, to try and find them. His experience combined with the knowledge of the hunters will increase your chances of spotting any. This tour is for the person looking for a show from these impressive creatures up close. So go ahead and check the possibilities for joining the tour by pressing 'Choose a date' above.


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