Private settlement tour to Ikerasak | Uummannaq | North Greenland

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Day Tour
June - October
3 hours
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Experience the serenity of the Ikerasak settlement, just 36 km south of Uummannaq.

You will be sailing in the comfort of a Targa, with the ability to sit both inside and outside the boat.

Ikerasak has a population of 234, and is a great example of a typical settlement but with great hunting and fishing opportunities. The area is well known for its halibut and catfish as well as the reindeer and musk ox that roam the backcountry of the settlement. The local school has around 30 pupils, whom in the winter time love to play ball games in the lake nearby.

Several of the buildings in Ikerasak are from the 1850's, creating an atmosphere of travelling back in time.

Sailing in the Uuummanaq fjord means that with a bit of luck, you can spot whales along the way!

Please note that the price is for chartering the whole boat for this excursion. This will include one to six passengers. When booking you will register one person and following choose how many extra passengers are on the trip. It is important for the Captain to know how many people you will be on the trip and that you fill in the names on the passenger list.


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