Uummannaq Island from the sea | North Greenland

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Reserve your seat on this cozy tour around the Uummannaq island, gaining new perspectives, and sailing amongst huge icebergs, this tour is for anyone who wants to relax with a hot mug and enjoy the stunning views that the fjord offers.

You'll be able to clearly see why the town is named the heartwarming place, Uummannaq, as well as understand why Santa Claus decided to build his hut here, as part of the popular Danish Christmas show "Nissebanden i Grønland". Even though Christmas is months away, you'll easily feel the spirit of the holidays creep in as you enjoy the cool weather in the ocean and spectate the crispiest and whitest icebergs that might as well be their own little winter wonderlands. 

According to legend, this heartwarming place continues to glow because everyone who visits, leaves a piece of their heart to it, and this piece will keep calling you back, and if any tour is going to do such a thing, it is this one. It is also the tour where you have plenty of time to take pictures, and the captain will help you get the best angles and compositions. Whilst sailing the captain has plenty of tall tales and folklore to share that'll make you laugh and fill you with wonder, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check the availability by pressing 'Choose a date' above.


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