Guided 3-hour kayak tour along the coastline | Nuuk

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Day Tour
May - September
3 hours
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This guided kayak tour is more of a tour than an introduction to kayaking. We will paddle along the coastline of Nuuk looking for interesting things such as icebergs and wildlife and have loads of fun!

On this tour, all the needed equipment is included such as kayaks, paddles, drysuits, shoes, dry skirts, and gloves.

You will start out meeting your local guide who will give you a brief history of the kayak and after set up the foot pedals so it fits your size.

Once you get in the water, we will slowly paddle north along the colorful and charming houses of Myggedalen. There can be a few boats passing and creating some waves, which is why this tour is preferred for people with some kayak experience.

We aim to spend at least 2 hours in the water, so make sure you have used the toilet before jumping in the drysuit!

Departure time varies from 11:00, 14:00, or 17:00 depending on the day.

Your local guide is very skilled in kayaking and they love spending time on the ocean just as much as you do. Occasionally, there are icebergs nearby Nuuk and we will of course try to get close to them if possible.

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