Hike to the Cirkus lake | Nuuk

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May - September
2 hours
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Tie your hiking boots and come along, this beautiful hike to Lake Circus! This 2-hour hiking tour is an introduction to the Greenlandic Nature and what it has to offer. With this tour, you can choose between hiking around the lake, or exploring the Greenlandic fauna on a large plateau of Arctic tundra.

Your tour starts with pickup at Hotel Hans Egede. By car, we head out of Nuuk to Qinngorput.  From Qinngorput, the new part of town, we will walk up to the plateau near “Store Malene” and enjoy the amazing views over Nuuk City, Cook Islands and the Davis Strait. This is just an appetizer of the next two hours!

As we ascend towards the plateau, we will be walking on an uneven, rocky path, following a large river. The river branches in all directions, and surrounding it are luscious green tundra and mountainsides. When we have reached the plateau, we cross the river and follow a dirt road, that will takes us through the mountainy landscape and all around the lake. We can also take time to study Greenlandic flora and geology. 

While hiking around the lake, we will pass by the numerous rivers and a stunning waterfall. The lake is circumscribed by mountainsides, resembling an asteroid crater, a quite unique sight. During the summer it will be possible to pick berries, mushrooms and other Greenlandic provisions, your guide will tell you everything about Greenlandic flora and fauna. We will offer you Greenlandic snacks and a cup of tea or coffee.

This tour is suitable for families with children.

Reserve your place on this beautiful and easy hike to get familiar with the Greenlandic nature sceneries, flora and fauna by selecting your date of departure and clicking on Book Now.



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