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Join us for a stroll around the beautiful old quarters of Nuuk.  We stop by sculptures made by Greenlandic artists, and tell you the myths and legends that the sculptures have been inspired by.

The powerful sculpture of Kaassassuk, the orphan, beside the parliament of Greenland, and the Mother of the Sea at the beach beside the Old Colonial Harbour, are highlights of this walk.  There are several sculptures within close walking distance, which we will also visit.

This charming old part of town is typical Greenland, with wooden houses of all colours and views overlooking the sea.  In summer, flowers are blooming everywhere. There may be some locals practicing their kayaking skills, as the kayak club is right at the old harbour.  In winter and early spring, a blanket of snow adds to the charm of the colourful houses, and the sculpture of the Mother of the Sea may be covered in ice, making her look truly Greenlandic.

 The storyteller, AneMarie Ottosen, is a performing artist whose wide experience adds an enchanting depth to the stories.  During the walk, you will enjoy talking with her on anything that interests you about our country, from traditional culture, to everyday life in modern Greenland.  We stop at three to four locations, to tell you our myths that have been passed down through generations.

Come along and enjoy the intimate atmosphere of this tour.  You can check the availability by pressing ' Book Now' above.


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