Private Boat Charter | Uummannaq | North Greenland

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June - September
2 hours
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Do you have your own great idea for a tour? Or do you just need to transport within the North Greenland region? Well, look no further - This Targa 25 can hold up to 6 passengers and plenty of cargo.

There are plenty of possibilities for exciting new adventures in the area. You can charter the boat for any purpose, regarding the sea - whether you want to go fishing, sightseeing or something completely different is up to you. If you are interested in hiking, camping or going to a cottage, we can sail you there and arrange a pick-up a few days later.

The homeport is Uummanaq, but the boat is approved for 2000 km of the West Coast of Greenland, so don't worry if you need to go to or from a different town.

If you are looking to do a customized tour or just in need of transport from a to b, select your preferred travel date, add any additional hours if needed and click Book Now to reserve your boat charter.


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