Private sea safari in open boat | Sisimiut

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May - September
2 hours
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Embark on a lovely safari with a local hunter and expert wildlife finder, with 35 years of experience, and look for seals and whales in the Arctic sea just beyond Sisimiut. When everyone has put on their overalls and life jackets, we’ll be ready to head out to try and spot some of the giants of the sea.

The two most common cetaceans are humpbacks and fin whales. Humpbacks are playful and will often show their tails with white patterns as they dive deep into the cold water. The patterns are just as unique as fingerprints so scientists use them to identify the individuals, and by doing so, hopefully, learn more about their mysterious lives.

The fin whale is much bigger, in fact, it’s the second-largest species, but it’s also much shy, and will often only show it’s long back and fin before it dives again.

Among the many seals in the area, we can be lucky enough to spot some Greenland seals, ringed seals or spotted seals.

Don’t miss your opportunity to explore the Arctic waters and a unique landscape from the sea, go ahead and book your tour today!


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