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Come along on an adventure by sea and land, exploring the ghost village of Assaqutaq! Sailing allows you out-of-town adventures and fun is always promised. This tour is for you, who are searching for vanished ages and Greenlandic culture, from inuit ruins to abandoned settlements!

Assaqutaq is located approximately 10 kilometers by boat from Sisimiut, by the foot of the southern side of the beautiful Nasaasaq mountain.

Assaqutaq is an abandoned settlement, that was left by the last inhabitant in the 1970s. During the 1950s to 1970 a depopulation happened in several Greenlandic settlements, as people were forced to move to the larger towns. Assaqutaq is clear sign, of the industrialization that happened in the colonial period.

The settlement comes to life during the summer period, as it is used as a place for summer camps, that the local primary schools hold. Apart from the school children, the local people also enjoy the settlement in the summer, as it is a place for fishing ammassat (capelin fish), which is used as food for the many sled-dogs in Sisimiut and also enjoyed as a snack by the Greenlandic people.

When you arrive at the settlement you can only imagine how it would be to live in a place like this. We will go a shore and walk through the haunting silence of the settlement. You will see the old fish factory, that used to be full of life. You will proceed through the settlement to see the place where the summer camp is held, in the charming old church.

Close your eyes, and imagine what this place could have been, if it was not for the force moving of the inhabitants.

Through the last couple of summers there has been great opportunities for spotting the huge and beautiful humpback whales gliding quietly through the water when sailing to and from Sisimiut, as they come very close to the shores. These huge, peaceful creatures come to the waters around Sisimiut to eat ammassat (capelin fish) in the summer. Furthermore there is also a great opportunity of spotting other marine mammals in the excursion, such as the minke and fin whales.

This excursion has a bit to offer for everyone as it is a perfect mixture of hiking, sailing, nature, culture and the opportunity to spot whales.

Tie your hiking boots and bring your warmest hat, for this adventure to the ghost town of Assaqutaq! Check the booking availability by pressing ''Book Now'' above.


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