Sailing and hiking in the Kangerlussuaq fjord | West Greenland

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June - September
6 hours
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Experience a true Greenlandic summer tradition by going sailing in the fjord, hiking along the mountains and enjoying a delicious barbecue of local specialities with this 6-hour excursion!

The journey begins by driving you down to the harbour, getting aboard a boat and then setting off into the wide-open wilderness. With its 170 kilometres, Kangerlussuaq fjord is the longest fjord in Greenland. We’ll cruise along for about 20 kilometres, to a place with shimmering turquoise water, an old Inuit hunting ground rich in wildlife. We might be lucky enough to spot herds of musk oxen, reindeer, as well as arctic hares and polar foxes.

We’ll go for a short trek along a mountain ridge, offering amazing views over the fjord, all the way up to a vantage point from which we can start preparing the barbecue. As we prepare the dinner, you can go explore the area, if you enjoy fishing, you might want to cast a line, to try for some Arctic Char, which we can add to the menu or bring back to Kangerlussuaq.

Others might find it more interesting to hike further into the backcountry and ascend a 500-meter peak for a spectacular view over the fjord and the landscape. We’ll bring a guidebook to help you identify the different flora such as the beautiful national flower ‘Niviarsiaq’, meaning the ‘young woman’.

After having spent a few wonderful hours in the mountains we’ll go back down to our boat to make our way back to Kangerlussuaq.

Immerse yourself in the Greenlandic nature and culture by joining this full-day excursion into the wild. Select your preferred date and click ​Book Now​ to reserve your place.


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