4 hour Dog Sledding Tour | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland

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Get the ultimate Greenlandic experience and find your inner explorer by going on this amazing sleddog tour into the vast wilderness!

You will quickly learn why this traditional way of transport has existed for so long, and you'll gain new respect for dogs, seeing their importance for the survival of man in the Arctic.

Here in Kangerlussuaq you will get a unique opportunity to venture fast across flat frozen plains, much more comfortable than going up and down hills as you would most other places. The weather here can go far below freezing so we will provide you with the type of outerwear and boots that the experienced mushers prefer to wear. Dog sledding is, no doubt, a classic way to experience Arctic nature, but what the unsuspecting visitor does not know, and what is unique about dog sledding in Greenland, is that a heavy dose of Inuit culture comes along for the ride. Dog sledding helps tell the story of how Greenlanders adapt to the robust environment that surrounds them. Contrary to other Arctic locations, dog sledding in Greenland is a way of life, by choice if not by necessity. Living in and off of the nature is central to Greenlandic identity, and therefore when you are close to the nature, you are also close to the Greenlandic culture.

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Dog Sledding


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