Tasermiut Expedition by Helicopter | Qaqortoq | South Greenland

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May - October
5 hours
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The nature in Tasermiut fiord is breathtaking.  Join us on this expedition, to spend a day in a remote corner of Greenland.  The tour includes activities such as fishing for arctic char and kayaking in a beautiful lake.

Tasermiut Fiord is renowned for its beauty, but not easy to access.  By helicopter, you will experience the best sights, from both land and from above.  The scenery is simply majestic.  You will see how glaciers receded over millennia, fly past waterfalls, and over green forests – a rare sight in Greenland which can be found only close to the southern tip of the country.  Vertical granite and basaltic walls tower above, which attract the world’s best climbers every year.  

Let’s enjoy the beautiful nature out here – we will fish for Arctic char, go kayaking in a lake, and enjoy lunch at a cabin.  Listen to the birds that break the silence, breathe in the fresh air, and sit back to watch the clouds float by.  

On the way back you can add a stop at Uunartoq Hot Springs to bathe with icebergs floating by. You can add this little side excursion when you book the tour. 

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