Private Whale & Musk Ox Safari | Uummannaq | North Greenland

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Day Tour
June - September
8 hours
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Go on the only tour of its kind in Uummannaq, combining both whale safari and roaming for the big musk oxen to the north.

You will go on a 126 km journey north, sailing in the waters of Fin whales, Humpbacks, Minkes and Seals. The voyage north will take about 3 hours to the land of Umiivik, a place well known for its population of musk oxen. The Greenlandic name of Musk Oxen is Umimmak, which loosely translates to the "big-bearded one", which, if you're lucky enough to come across them, you'll understand fully as you see their thick fur. The Captain is well trained in spotting these big animals, which hopefully will result in finding them before you even reach land. Having arrived you will spend a couple of hours there, enjoying the included lunch before heading back south.

Please note that the price is for chartering the whole boat for this excursion.

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