Qarajaq Glacier | Private tour | Uummannaq | North Greenland

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June - September
8 hours
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Navigate your way through a labyrinth of icebergs to the front of the Great Qarajaq Glacier.

The Glacier is one of the fastest moving glaciers in the world, located about 60 km from Uummannaq. The area used to be, and is still, great hunting grounds, leading to great stories about magnificent hunters such as "Tivagdlarge" who lived here more than 150 years ago. On the way, there are good chances of seeing humpbacks, fin whales as well as minkes and seals.

After enjoying the sounds of the grandiose glacier and possibly even witnessing the immense power of calving, you will move along to the settlement of Ikerasak. 

Ikerasak is, with its 234 inhabitants, a modest village, mostly living the traditional way through hunting and fishing. Here the church also functions as a school as it has since 1936. A few of the buildings are also more than a hundred years old, and yet they probably own a flat-screen showing great contrast between modern and traditional lifestyles. 

After a nice stroll around the settlement, its time to head back to Uummannaq after a day full of memorable experiences.

Immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of North Greenland by joining this boat trip to the Qarajaq Glacier and the small settlement of Ikerasak. Select your preferred date and click Book Now to reserve your boat charter.


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