A long weekend in the Arctic to remember | 5 days | Ilulissat

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August - December
5 days
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From Copenhagen Ilulissat
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If you love to go out on adventures but only have limited time, this tour is something for you. On this trip, you are going to visit Ilulissat and other magical highlights of what Greenland has to offer - and over a short time!

First, you will fly to Ilulissat, the town of icebergs, where the landscape will sweep off your feet. The best part is you will have the breathtaking landscape right in front of you at the 4-star Hotel Arctic where you will stay. The perfect base for this unique extended weekend.

You will travel in autumn when the season is characterized by peace after a brief and hectic summer. During autumn, nature in Greenland shows itself with sunny days, draping the mountains in shades of yellow-brown with an intensity that often surpasses the midnight sun of summer, to dramatic autumn storms, appealing with their harsh beauty but also requiring proper clothing.

Make sure to save a spot in your calendar for this journey of indulgence to Greenland and recharge your batteries.


Boat Tour

City Tour



Disko Bay

Ilulissat Icefjord


UNESCO World Heritage Site

1 review for A long weekend in the Arctic to remember | 5 days | Ilulissat

  1. Jessica Smith

    Loved this tour!
    Sailing and seeing icebergs was amazing but also we enjoyed the view from the hotel to the icefjord and the city.
    We even seen Northern lights from the hotel window!

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