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Come along and experience a world of ice hidden from the bare eye. You will not only hike on a glacier, but have a chance to see the glacier from the inside - like being inside a huge turquise diamond, where you can see the light play.

This tour starts from the harbour in Tasiilaq (or from Kulusuk on request). From the harbour you will sail out through the fjord with the beautiful landscape of towering mountains surrounding you. Getting to the destination will take around 40 minutes, where you can be lucky to experience life in the ocean, as humpback whales, fin whales, orcas, and seals not are strangers in these areas. 

When reaching the destination you will get on shore and geared up with all the safety equipment you will need for the tour. Do not worry if this is you are a first-time ice hiker. Throughout the whole tour, you will be accompanied by a professional guide, who will show you how to safely do the activity.

First you will walk on the glacier surface, seeing the structure of the ice and learn how the is moving. After a while you will reach a big ice cave, that will take you under the glacier. 

Inside the cave, you can see the structures of the thousands of years old ice. You will have enough time inside the cave to admire how the light is beautifully reflected through the thick layer of blue and turquoise ice. The experience is ever-changing, as the ice is moving, melting and freezing constantly. After a while, in the ice cave, it is time to get back to town.

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1 review for Glacier Walk & Ice Cave Tour | East Greenland

  1. Niels Amdisen

    Was on the Ice cave /Glacier climbing Tour with Nunatak Adventures.
    It was a fantastic experience, and all the gear on the trip was top professional. The guide Nicco has studied glaciers on the university, and could answer all our strange (and stupid) questions regarding the landscape we saw.
    The Nunatak guys speak perfect English, and they gave very fast response pr. mail to our questions before we ordered the Tour.

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