Perfect winter tour with snow and ice | Ilulissat & Nuuk | 8-days

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Vacation Package
January - April
8 days
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From Copenhagen Ilulissat Nuuk
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Join this perfect combination tour exploring the capital of Greenland and ice-filled Ilulissat in Disko Bay. The memory of the very first time you breathe in the crisp and frosty air as you get off the plane in Nuuk will stick with you forever. It is a very special experience that is reinforced by the sight of the snow-covered rocky landscape.

The best months for a vacation during winter in Greenland are from late January to April. Temperatures range from around 5-30 Celsius below zero. However, due to the dry air, the coldness does not feel so rough. Another great feature of the Greenlandic winter is the magical northern lights!

If you are searching for a tour where winter, fantastic nature, and culture are combined, look no further. In addition, you will also have an infinite amount of motifs to be captured by your camera as you also will visit the incredible town of Ilulissat. Here you can marvel at the enormous icebergs, the fascinating Ice Fjord, and sled dogs.

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Boat Tour

City Tour

Dog Sledding


Northern Lights


Disko Bay

Dog Sled

Northern Lights

Nuuk Fjord


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