Information about Nuuk

The northernmost capital in the world. Expanding in all directions, mixing Greenlandic traditional- and modern culture, Nuuk the capital of Greenland is growing faster than ever and offers every opportunity for the nature- and culture loving guest.

History and background

The capital was founded in 1728 by the Norwegian missionary Hans Egede, and has today of more than 17,000 inhabitants. The center of Greenland lies at the mouth of its very own fjord system, on the mid-west coast of Greenland. The fjord system, is the second largest fjord system in the world, therefore offering piles of adventures all year around, originating from the capital.

Inspiration is to be found in all of Nuuk, as divergence and contrast dominates the town.

Colorful Nuuk

Nuuk is titled Colorful Nuuk, as the capital holds colourful houses and modern buildings, from start to end of the six kilometer long town. The colourful buildings are a trademark for the town, as they stand to contrast the environment of rock or white winter snow, creating a spectacular picturesque canvas for the eyes. The town’s infrastructure giving the full vision of the old and new perfectly collaborating.

Food & Culture

Nuuk is the national home of gourmet food, boutiques of all sorts, cultural venues, modern architecture and the leading conductor in Greenland of modern lifestyle, with an extension of traditional culture.

Entertainment is to be found in all of Nuuk, visit the local brewery and taste beer made of Greenlandic commodities, the national museum to explore vanished ages. Seek shelter from the Arctic winds in one of Nuuk's cozy cafés and get the heat with a cup of something good. For culture, visit the cultural venue, Katuaq and experience live traditional drumming or view modern and traditional inspired art. Explore all sites of Nuuk, from the city center to the suburbs, with the local busses that drive all days and connect all areas of the city.


The metropolitan town coincides with the nature that surrounds it. No matter where situated in the smallest capital of the world, there is easy access to the nature. The nature around Nuuk is dominated by rough and rocky landscape. Look to the north and you will see the iconic snow covered mountaintop of Sermitsiaq island from almost everywhere in town. If you look to the west you will see the mountain of Store Malene and just next to it the little sister Lille Malene, in their mother tounge Ukkusissat and Quassussuaq. Looking to the east you will see the smoother landscape of the Nordland, which is guarding Nuuk from the North Atlantic Ocean.

Hikes & Tours

Hiking around Store Malene and Lille Malene, are popular activities for the locals. Hiking to the top of Store Malene is a popular activity in summer and now ice-climbing tours are also available in wintertime. Lille Malene and its surrounding valleys make up a great recreational area for locals both in winter and summer. There different marked trails leading to the top and to some lovely lakes in the summer. In winter children and adults have fun around the two ski lifts on the mountainside.   

Explore the wild, vast and wonderful nature of Greenland, when venturing into the Nuuk fjord system. Deep into the veins of fjord you can visit abandoned settlements, go fishing, explore ancient Inuit ruins and retracting glaciers, in the presence of cold arctic winds and wildlife. The city offers a wide range of excursions, regarding guided tours by boat, helicopter or by foot.

Nuuk offers the best opportunity to experience old traditions perfectly entwined with the twenty-first century.   




What to see & what to do in Nuuk

  • Boat Tours
  • Ice-climbing
  • Skiing
  • National Museum
  • Nuuk Art Gallery
  • Katuaq
  • Hiking
  • Culture
  • Villages & Settlements

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Attractions nearby Nuuk

Quassussuaq | Lille Malene

Quassussuaq (440 m / 1,380 ft) is an easily accessible mountain peak on the outskirts of Nuuk. It is more commonly known by its Danish name: Lill...


Ukkusissat | Store Malene

Ukkusissat (772 m / 2,533 ft) is a mountain peak on the outskirts of Nuuk. It is more commonly known by its Danish name: Store Mal...






Kangeq is an abandoned settlement located about 18km from Nuuk in the Nuuk Fjord. Archaeological middens show that the area has been occupie...


Nuuk Fjord

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Qooqqut is a small abandoned settlement about 43km from Nuuk, Greenland's capital. Surrounded by impressive mountains, it is a wonderful...



Qoornoq is an abandoned settlement in the Nuuk fjord that has found a new lease on life as a summer get-away for the families of those that used to li...






Kapisillit is a settlement in the Nuuk Fjord, about 75km east of Nuuk. The name means "the place with salmon" as the Kapisillit River is the...


Apussuit Glacer

Apussuit is a skiing centre on top of a glacier, about 25 km east from Maniitsoq. Apussuit means ‘the big snow’ in West Greenlandic. Apus...


Arctic Circle Trail

The well-known Arctic Circle Trail is a 160 km long trail that stretches between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut. It is a perfect hike to escape everyday&n...


Point 660

Point 660 is a place recently uncovered by ice with a scenic view of the Icecap slowly descending into the ice-free tundra, located some 40 kilom...



Greenlands main entrance from the world. A unique place with easy access to plenty of adventures. Experience the amazing Greenlandic Ic...


Russell Glacier




South Greenland’s gates from the rest of the world. A unique place with easy access to plenty adventures. A place to experience the Greenland Ic...



On a flat tableland, lies a colorful town at the foot of two mountains, Qaqqarsuaq. The town’s name is Narsaq, with a self sufficing people with...


Qooroq Icefjord

The Qooroq glacier throws over 200.000 tons of ice into the fjord every day. It is a beautiful sight, to see the huge wall of ice tower out of the wat...



Explore the Arctic tundra of the south coast of Greenland. A place that will mesmerize any traveler with its green, grassy mountains and blue fjords. ...



Experience the land famous for it seas, as arctic sea creatures, play hide and seek between the waves and icebergs. Aasiaat known for its waters, marv...


Uunartoq Hot Springs

Uunartoq Qeqertaq literally means "Very Hot Island" in Greenlandic. This scenic island is situated on the eastern side of the tip of South...