Information about Qaqortoq

Explore the Arctic tundra of the south coast of Greenland. A place that will mesmerize any traveler with its green, grassy mountains and blue fjords. An experience that you will cherish the rest of your life.

History & Background

Between colourful plains and blue sea of Qaqortoq fjord, a small town, yet the biggest and most charming in all of southern Greenland, is situated and goes by the name Qaqortoq. It holds a population of 3500 inhabitants and was founded in 1775, by the Norwegian colonialist Anders Olsen. The name Qaqortoq means "white" in Greenlandic. 

In the oldest building in the city-center you find Qaqortoq Museum. The museum holds, an exceptional collection of the traditional Tupilaks, yet with a twist of modernity. The collection is an outstanding interpretation of the ancient inuit spiritual world, displaying the inuits fear of the unknown. If interested in late history, explore the old colonial buildings surrounding the museum. Furthermore the museum focuses on the northerners settlements in South Greenland.

The museum is situated in the center right next to the City-square. Qaqortoq City-square, holds the oldest out of Greenlands two fountains. Visit a nearby café and sit in the shade from the arctic sun, with a cup of something good and cold in summertime.

Experience what Qaqortoq has to Offer

Qaqortoq, regardless winter or summer, is the quintessence of charm.

From the top of the mountain hills, down the small Spanish passages routing through colorful houses to the harbor of charming, colorful and radiant Qaqortoq, will enchant every explorer to fall in love with the city.  

The town is famous for its urban, avant-garde and creative city life, as artists and explorers reside the town, creating a Southern European and relaxing atmosphere, overlaying the beautiful landscape. Qaqortoq is specked with history, as the grounds that the town rests on, was a former trading ground for inuits.

Qaqortoq is to be explored by foot, and when strolling through the colourful town, be attentive of stone carvings, made by the famous south greenlandic artist Aka Høegh and fellow Nordic artists. Explore ancient inuit culture and vanished ages at the local museum of Qaqortoq.

Hiking, Hot Springs & Norse Ruins

Escape civilisation and hike the surrounding mountains. Qaqortoq is heavily vegetated, as the arctic sun is warmer, down south. Hike the colorful plains, in the presence of arctic sheep and herbs. There are plenty of hiking routes in the area connecting the small settlements. On your way you can visit the farmers in different settlements, who often offer accommodation and good meals. If looking for an out of town adventure, travel to the small settlements in the fjord, by kayak or on a local passenger boat. The fjord offers plenty adventurous opportunities. Visit the hot springs in Uunartoq and indulge in the soothing warm waters as you see the icebergs quietly drift by in the fjord. This area was where the Norsemen led by Eric the Red arrived over a century ago. Join on a boat tour and explore the Norse ruins in e.g. Hvalsey and Igaliku, which also is a very lively settlement today. The blue fjord is yours to explore and so is Qaqortoq.

What to see & what to do in Qaqortoq

  • Museum
  • Norse Ruins
  • Art & Culture
  • Hot Springs
  • Surrounding Settlements
  • Fjord
  • Boat Tours
  • Hiking





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