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Kayaking among Icebergs & Whales | East Greenland

East Greenland is famous for its pristine and unforgiving landscape, with colossal jagged......


Dog Sledding & Northern Lights | East Greenland

8 day dog sledging adventure on Ammassalik Island East Greenland is probably the most isolated......


3 Days In Tasiilaq | East Greenland

Come experience the true culture of the Greenlandic people in the land of the polar bears on......


5 Days in Tasiilaq & Kulusuk | East Greenland

Voyage to places where most people have never been and considered the most authenic region of......


3 Days In Tasiilaq & Kulusuk | East Greenland

Discover the breathtaking arctic landscape of East Greenland at first hand. Stay one night in......


5 Days in Tasiilaq | East Greenland

Everything seems a little bigger in Tasiilaq. The mountains, the distances, the adventures, the......


4 Days In Tasiilaq | East Greenland

Many Greenlandic towns are beautifully situated in immense nature, but only few places can rival......


From Sun Gate to Icefjord Hike | East Greenland

The deep fjords of East Greenland are extraordinary. Deep blue-green sea, steep granite......