Information about Tasiilaq

A beautiful scenic landscape resembling a painting with very sharp colors creating a beautiful background, regardless of the weather conditions. With the fog overlaying the mountain tins, it creates a mystical appeal to  the landscape. Explore the mystic lands of Tasiilaq and the surrounding fjord system, holding treasures deep within its veins.

Tasiilaq City

East Greenland is known for these beautiful and breathtaking mountains surrounding the lands and especially in Tasiilaq town. Tasiilaq is well known for it's steep hills inside and outside of town, which also makes it so unique.

Tasiilaq is the biggest town on the east coast and is situated approximately 102 km south of the Arctic Circle, with a population of 2000 people. The town is located on an island called Angmagssalik, and inherited the name due to the large amount of the chapelin fish in the area. Tasiilaq is translated to “like a lake”, because of the many rivers surrounding the island.


Originating from Tasiilaq are the best artists, found in the country. Enroute to the local hotel, it is inevitable to not come across Skæven & Stunk. The souvenir shop displays greenlandic handicrafts and enchant every explorer, with its mystical Tupilaks, telling stories as old as man.


The museum is established in an old church, with a characteristic and well known potato house. The buildings tell a story of their own, as the cores display the unforgiving nature of the east coast, on their trite walls. Explore the authentic pea hut. Tasiilaq preserves ancient history, with its peat hut, manifesting the living conditions of inuit families dating back to before the colonization of Greenland.


The museum is famous for its unusual, yet artistically beautiful shape and interior. The pentagonal church was constructed in 1986 and the inside-interior is designed by the famous greenlandic artist, Aka Høegh. The alter carefully decorated with east greenlandic motives and made of sealskin. Hanging from the ceiling is the well known women’s boat also made of sealskin and wood.

Glacier Glancing

Action packed helicopter tours are promised, on the journey to remote glaciers. Stand in the reflection of crystal blue nuances and explore the ice, that hides vanished ages within its deep. Join a helicopter tour to the astonishing Johan Petersen Fjord and fly among the snow covered mountains, resting on the mainland near the breathtaking glacier, while watching the packice move across the water.

Fly close to the Helheim Glacier, that covers  200 kilometer of land. It is the most active glacier generating icebergs from the Greenland ice sheet.

Fjords of Tasiilaq

The surrounding fjords,  has great conditions for adventure. With small settlements, sky high mountains and glaciers, the mesmerizing lands will enchant every explorer with its beauty.

When venturing into the fjord, Tinit (Tiniteqilaaq) is an excellent place to start. With its 100 inhabitants, the small settlement is famous for its breathtaking views. Passing icebergs, rest on the neighbouring sea, resembling the Ilulissat icefjord. A piece of modern history, hides between Ammassalik island and Tasiilaq. Dominated by peacefulness, lies the village Ikateq abandoned. It is an insight rarely accounted, providing balm for passing adventurers.

Nature & Hikes

For the active explorers, there are great conditions for climbing, both adored by local and professionals. The in town adrenalin rushes, can be found at the seamen’s- and priest mountain. Seamen’s mountain, is often conquered by the locals of Tasiilaq. With it steep mountain sides, the mountain provides exercise for the body. When conquering the summit, a well-deserved view overlooking the town and fjord, to be enjoyed.

For the less experienced hiker, the Priest Mountain contributes with great views over the town, fjords and backdrop of Tasiilaq. Travel the bumpy road towards the hydroelectric power plant, and you will find the Priest Mountain. From start to end of the adventure, there is stunning and untouched nature to be found.

Between these two mountains, the flower valley is a must to explore. A place for all ages, lies 3 lakes with outstanding herb- and flower life, known for the breathtaking views and peaceful atmosphere. Pleasurable strolls alongside the lakes, decorates all visitors with beauty.

For the more experienced climbers, the hallmark of the town, Polheim mountain is great provider for adrenalin rush. With its high mountain tin, the summit can only be reached by rope climbing and action is promised from the start, as the remote mountain can only be accessed by boat. The summits holds confronting clouds and a view over the veins of the fjord.  

Winter adventures

Winter activities consist of snowmobiling and dogsledding. The snow, allows the vehicles to travel places, almost unreachable by man and imagination. It is a unique way of travelling, when sitting on a sled venturing into the wilderness. Explore inuit culture, in traditional winter attire, and see how man and dog has sufficed each other for survival.

Tasiilaq is treasure, found nowhere else on the coast of Greenland, with its charming inhabitants and its mesmerizing lands.

What to see & what to do in Tasiilaq 

  • Hiking
  • snowmobiling
  • Boat tours
  • Helicopter tours
  • Mittivakat Glacier
  • Johan Petersen Fjord
  • Helheim Glacier
  • Flower Valley
  • Dog sledding
  • Kayaking

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