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How Greenland is managing Covid-19 so far.  Status: April 14, 2020 

Guide to Greenland has had many queries about the current status of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Greenland. As with everywhere else in the world, we have not escaped the reach of the virus. However, being an isolated island, we have fared better than many.

Status of Coronavirus in Greenland on 14 April 2020
Status of Coronavirus in Greenland on 14 April, 2020. From Worldometer

Here is what the Greenlandic Government has done to protect the citizens of Greenland and the results of their policies.

  • Greenland acted very early, closing its borders, schools, restaurants and cafes, shops, etc around mid-March.  There has been no tourism in Greenland since then and there are still no flights or boats traveling with passengers.
  • There were 11 cases of Coronavirus detected in Greenland – all in Nuuk. For this reason, the capital was completely isolated from the rest of the country to avoid cases appearing in the smaller towns and settlements. All the cases were tied to a few citizens returning from Europe who were then quarantined in their homes. None required intensive care and all are now recovered.  
  • Greenland is the only country in the world to have rid itself of the Coronavirus to date. There are currently no cases known in the country and more than 900 tests have been run. With a population of approx 56,000 inhabitants, this is equivalent to 1.7% of the population tested so far.  
  • Current plans are to start slowly re-opening the country from May 1, 2020. Though exactly what this will look like is unclear at this time. It could still be 3 months or more before the country opens up to extensive international tourism again. We’ll have to wait and see.
Screenshot from live view from Royalab Statistics showing Greenland is the only country to have resolved all its cases of Covid-19
Greenland the only country to have resolved all its Coronavirus cases – April 14, 2020. Captured from Royalab Stats.

Save tourism. Postpone – don’t cancel!

Guide to Greenland asks our guests to postpone rather than cancel their travel plans to Greenland. This pandemic will pass, and global tourism will start up again. Postponing rather than canceling gives the tour operators we cooperate with the best chance to survive this crisis and be ready for more adventures once we can all start traveling again.

For clients with questions 

Please read the current Guide to Greenland cancelation policy here

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