Unique World of the Inuit | Ittoqqortoormiit | East Greenland

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Mar. - May.

Join this marvelous journey to a place not known many places in the world. It is like traveling to a different planet. East Greenland has some of the most breathtaking surroundings with rigged mountains and deserted-ness. This is very much the case in the area of Ittoqqortoormiit, where isolation is just part of the everyday life. Nonetheless the locals are very friendly and smiling people who love visitors from the outside world, welcoming them with open arms. A place where time almost stands still. In the summer period however, many cruise ships stop by for a short look into the world of a population of approximately 450. The town is located very close to the famous National Park, which is thriving with wildlife and untouched nature everywhere. But it is not a park like everywhere else due to the difficulties of getting there, therefor a huge privilege to be able to visit this unique land area.

On this 8 day adventure you will get the full arctic experience, waking up with a view of the snow covered landscape and peacefulness around you. Getting to experience snowmobile, dogsledding, hiking and much more.

Itinerary will be planned upon arrival due to the changing weather and ice conditions.

A once in a life time experience through the hardship of the Greenlandic nature. The beautiful snow covered landscape will mesmerize you beyond belief. So stop hesitating and start gathering the things you will need for this adventurous journey back in time. Check out the booking availability by pressing ‘Choose a date’ above and book your adventure now.


Flight Reykjavik - Akureyri - Constable Point (CNP) - Akureyri - Reykjavik
Airport taxes
Accommodation in private house in Kap Tobin / 7 nights
Private guide for duration of stay in Kap Tobin
Snowmobile transfers heliport - Kap Tobin - heliport
Daily activities (1 dogsledge day tour; 2 day tours and 3 half-day tours on snowmobile)


Whale Watching
Northern Lights
Dog Sledding
Hot Spring Bathing
Greenlandic Culture
Glacier Views
City Tour



Daily itinerary

Day 1
Unique World of the Inuit | Ittoqqortoormiit | East Greenland - day 1

Arriving in Greenland

Morning flight from Reykjavik to Akureyri on going flights to Greenland will change to the Twin Otter or King Air B200 aircraft. The incoming flight towards Greenland is a memorable one to say the least. Getting to see the inland icecap from above on one side and the pack ice and frozen over sea is equally mesmerizing. When landing at Constable Point you will get to see how isolated the area is. The airport consists of one building with basically nothing nearby.

After a short while wait you will be flown by helicopter to the town of Ittoqqortoomiit. The helicopter flight will be just as magnificent, if not better than the view from the plane. Stunning winter landscape as far as the eye can see, with rigged mountains and ice.

From here you will be welcomed by your guide for the trip, who will inform you on the continuing journey by snowmobile to Kap Tobin, where you will be staying the next 8 nights.

Day 2
Unique World of the Inuit | Ittoqqortoormiit | East Greenland - day 2

The next 7 days

Kap Tobin is a small abandoned village that mainly is used by the locals of Ittoqqortoormiit as holiday cottages. In the old days Kap Tobin was a village reaching its heighest population of 120 residents and even with its own school. That was when a telegraph and weather station was founded in 1947, which created jobs. But this was not meant to last, in the mid-1980 the weather station closed down and people started to move, the last people left in 2004.

However, this settlement is only 7 kilometers south of Ittoqqortoormiit and not too hard to reach.

Day 3
Unique World of the Inuit | Ittoqqortoormiit | East Greenland - day 3

A different world

Greenland has evolved a little slower than the rest of the world, but this mainly is the more accessible areas, such as Nuuk, Ilulissat, Qaqortoq and even Tasiilaq further south on the East Coast. But as the location of Ittoqqortoormiit is so hard to reach, change goes very slow.

Running water is not a luxury they can possess, therefor no flushing toilet or showers. But the town is equipped with a service house and a water tank from rain in the spring and fall. In summer the river provides water to the residents.

Day 4
Unique World of the Inuit | Ittoqqortoormiit | East Greenland - day 4

Hunting and modern life

Kap Tobin offers endless hiking grounds, a great place to snowshoe or ski your way through the winter paradise. Endless possibilities for the adventurer in you, the only limit is your imagination.

Peaceful and therapeutic surroundings giving you the absolute best of Greenlandic winter.

A place where you don’t have to travel far to spot wildlife, either in the air or on land. Here the majestic musk ox thrive. You might even be so lucky to see the local hunters do what they do best, tracking down their pray.

Day 5
Unique World of the Inuit | Ittoqqortoormiit | East Greenland - day 5

A full day in Ittoqqortoormiit

Ittoqqortoormiit is a small town of 450 inhabitants and their existence still relies very much of fishing and hunting. The area is so isolated that the big ships providing all the resources to the town, only arrives once a year, therefore not enough food resources alone.

The locals know how little there will be done about their situation, that is why you will see a couple of wooden houses and probably see some in progress. They build their own homes, well knowing how hard it is to get materials to town. These people are survivors, always have been and always will be. They do not give up just because things get rough, they take up the challenge and do what is necessary.

Day 6
Unique World of the Inuit | Ittoqqortoormiit | East Greenland - day 6

A breathtaking scenery

Ittoqqortoomiit is known for the National Park as it is the entrance point, the only inhabited area close to the protected grounds.

It is also hard to get into the National Park seeing that there are no people living here, and the only people who have regular access is the local hunters of Ittoqqortoormiit.

The park is spread over 972.000 square kilometers and a coastline of 18 kilometers. A breathtaking landscape, a place like no other. In this area wildlife thrives and the perfect place to see the popular Polar Bears.

Within the park is the tallest mountain in the arctic region Gunnbjørn’s Mountain, with a height of 3.694 meters.

Day 7
Unique World of the Inuit | Ittoqqortoormiit | East Greenland - day 7

Hot Springs

Kap Tobin is known for having the hottest hot spring in Greenland, Uunartoq reaching the highest temperatures in spring, with temperatures of 62 degrees. A great place to visit when the cold days gets just a bit too cold. The Greenlandic name Uunartoq which means “that which one burns oneself on”, an unrealistic experience among the snow covered surroundings.

Day 8
Unique World of the Inuit | Ittoqqortoormiit | East Greenland - day 8

Departure day

The journey has reached its end and it’s time to say your last goodbye to the arctic. Take in the last scenic view and breathe the last breath of arctic air, it is time to fly back to Iceland.

What to bring

Warm clothing: Multilayer principle
Warm boots
Socks also multilayer prinicple
2 pairs of gloves and hats
Credit cards are widely used, but Danish Kroners is advisable to have on hand
Personal blister kit
Sun cream, Sunglasses and lip balm
Light duvet jacket & outer shell jacket
Wind- & water proof jacket & trousers
Thermal top
Skiing trousers
Sleeping bag and sheet
First aid kit

Good to know

Temperatures can be around -15 - -20°C. You will need to arrive in Iceland a day before the flight to Greenland.

Most airlines allow 20kg of luggage weight. Dress after the 3-layer structure there is adequate, whereby each has its own specialized purpose: a moisture transfer base layer next to your skin, then one or more adjustable insulating layers, and finally an outer shell to protect you from rain and wind. Departure from Reykjavík domestic airport. As all local tours depend upon weather and ice conditions, they can only be booked after arrival. Flight schedules may change due to unfavorable weather or ice conditions.

NOTICE: Terms and conditions for this tour, can be found in the supplier description.

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