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Frequently Asked Questions

About Greenland & Iceland packages

1. Why should I buy a combination trip to Greenland and Iceland?

Going North to Arctic regions are »far away« for most people. It might be your chance to see two destinations at once, now that you plan to travel here. It’s a 2 to 3 hour flight between Iceland and Greenland, and you can fly direct to different towns in Greenland. You can see the highlights of both countries fairly easily.

2. What is the difference between Iceland and Greenland?

Iceland is the small round island on the map, and Greenland is the big one with a large white area in the middle (the inland ice). Iceland has volcanoes, very many hot springs, and also some glaciers. Greenland has many glaciers and icebergs, but only a few hot springs. You can drive all around Iceland, but in Greenland no towns are connected to each other by road, so transportation is by ferry, boat, airplane or dogsled in the winter.

Both countries are fantastic places to visit, for travellers who love grand nature and authentic cultural experiences.

3. Is it true that Iceland is green, and Greenland is icy?

Yes, Iceland has more green than Greenland, and Greenland has more ice than Iceland. Greenland got its name from Erik the Red, who voyaged from Iceland to South Greenland, where it’s very green in the summer. It’s said that Erik the Red called it Greenland to invite more people to come join him open settlements in the new land.