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Airlines flying to Greenland

When flying to Greenland you will have two main airlines to choose from:
Air Greenland & Air Iceland Connect

Air Greenland

Fly from Denmark and Reykjavík

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Air Iceland Connect

Fly from Reykjavík

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Greenland is the size of Western Europe. The worlds largest island with more than 80% of the surface covered by ice. As such, the population of only 55,000 lives on 'the edge' distributed on 16 different towns and 60 small settlements. Without roads between any of these places, You can only sail or fly between the sites. Therefore, flights plays a important role for the infrastructure in Greenland.

Travel to Nuuk

Nuuk means the tip of land, and Greenland's capital lies at the mouth of a huge fjord system "Nuup Kangerlua" - Nuuk Icefjord - on the west coast of Greenland. Here, blends old and new, contemporary and modern, in an architectural timeline through the history of Greenland from a reconstructed old cabin and small colorful houses to modern buildings with several floors. 

Although the city has fewer than 20,000 inhabitants, it is expected that by year 2030, some 30,000 people will live here - more than half of the population of Greenland. With Greenland's Government located in Nuuk, and many corporate headquarters here, it is an active arctic metropolis, rich in culture and nightlife, and a wide diversity of experiences. 

Combine your visit with a boat trip to the glacier or to the settlement Kapisillit, gives you both nature and culture in one tour. Here is also the possibility of mindful relaxation, in one of Qoorqut Nuan's chalets located the same place as norsemen 1000 years ago lived in their West settlement.

Travel to Ilulissat

The city of the ice, Ilulissat, is probably the most famous city outside Greenland. This is due to the most producing glacier ”Sermeq Kujalleq”, which ends in Ilulissat isfjord. With a speed of 20 meters a day, ice is poured in unbelievable amounts into the fjord where it break off giant icebergs as high as several 100 meters above sea level.

The entire area of ice production at the bottom of the Disko Bay is conserved as a world heritage site of Unesco. North of the city is another well-known glacier, Eqi, where you can stay in cabins and hear the ice creak, brake and crack throughout the day.

By the Ilimanak village is the newest cottages called "Ilimanak lodge", as another opportunity to stay close to the ice. Among the hotels in the city is Hotel Icefjord and Hotel Arctic. With unique views of the isfjord, they are perfectly located, for those who like to have a nature experience combined with good service.

Travel to Sisimiut

Greenland's second largest city is located on the polar circle - there is also the limit for the use of sled dogs. Therefore, Sisimiut is the first town with sled dogs, you meet if you travel north along the western coast of Greenland. 

From the city's harbor, the road goes up through the elongated city. Here you first meet the old historical buildings and the beautiful church. Then large and small houses of all colors sprinkled over mountain peaks and mountain sides. 

In the spring, the city is the place for the world's toughest skiing competition, the Arctic Circle Race. One senses a general commitment to lifting tasks together with the beautiful Cultural House, Taseralik, as a gathering place, and a special harbor dock for cruise ships, paid by all residents via a optional extra tax.

Travel to South Greenland

Southern Greenland is at the height of Oslo, and is very green in summer. Here the Norsemen led by Eric the Red landed their ships and cultivated the land, and here you still see the stones they cleared from the fields 1000 years ago.

One of freshwater sources is featured in the Icelandic sagas, and you can still drink directly from the same source. Small farms with sheep are a big part of the experience in South Greenland. A special experience is also the idyllic cities of Qaqortoq and Narsaq, as well as settlements like Igaliku, each unique with their many beautiful houses of all colors.

If you want to see icebergs in white and blue shades, South Greenland is the right place. Among the many unique fjords is the most famous Tasermiut fjord, which extends from the sea by the town of Nanortalik all the way to the inland ice that can be seen high above the water level at the bottom of the fjord.

Travel to East Greenland

With 20.000 kilometres coastline East Greenland has one of the worlds largest Arctic National Parks in the Northern part. You do not go there unless you are enrolled in the Sirius Patrol. You can get close with one of Guide to Greenland's tours to Scoresbysund Fjord – the largest fjord system in the world – or by visiting one of the most isolated habitations in the world - Ittoqqortoormiit – in a harsh area for both polar bears and humans.

Some 900 kilometres south you find the city Tasiilaq, close to Kulusuk Airport with weekly flights from west Greenland and daily flights from Reykjavik during summer. With a milder climate and beautiful mountains peaks, Tasiilaq is one of Greenland's hidden gems.

Air lceland Connect

Air Iceland Connect (Flugfélag Íslands) has been an airline from the earliest years in the history of the flight in Iceland. Air Iceland Connect is headquartered in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, at the city of Reykjavik Airport. Here, only airplanes like Air Iceland Connect's Dash 8 can fly, and therefore international air traffic is primarily from Keflavik International Airport (KEF) approx. 40 kilometers outside of Reykjavik.

Air Iceland Connect primarily has flights to Greenland from Reykjavik City Airport (RKV). If you are traveling through Iceland to or from Greenland, you should therefore calculate transport between Keflavik and Reykjavik at approx. 45 minutes. Here are good bus connections all the time. Air Iceland Connect flies to five destinations in Greenland.

During the summer season there are daily flights to Kulusuk (KUS) on the east coast of Greenland. Here, also, fly to Nerlerit Inaat (CNP) near Ittoqqortoormiit / Scoresbysund. On the west coast of Greenland, Air Iceland Connect is flying to Ilulissat (JAV) in the north, Nuuk (GOH) in the middle and Narsarsuaq (UAK) in the south.

Air Greenland

Greenland's national airline is Air Greenland and has its headquarters in Nuuk. Air Greenland has over 50 years’ experience of flying in Arctic conditions. With various aircraft, from our small 5-seater helicopters, to the wide-body Airbus that carries 278 passengers, we connect settlements of populations under 50, and fly the main route to Greenland between Copenhagen and Kangerlussuaq.

To Kangerlussuaq, the main hub airport of Greenland, there are up to 10 flights a week in the summer. We have various departures from Copenhagen in the morning, mid-day and night. Visit our route map and international flight schedule for more information.

From Copenhagen we have direct flights to South Greenland during the summer. Narsarsuaq, the hub of South Greenland, is the entrance to Kujataa, the newly listed UNESCO World Heritage. You can also fly through Keflavik, the international airport at Reykjavik, Iceland. There are flights to the capital Nuuk year-round, and flights to Ilulissat during the summer.

Air Greenland connects you to Greenland with up to 20 flights a week in summer and take you to over 30 destinations all around our country. Meals and entertainment on board are free of charge, and a total of 20 kg (44 lbs) of baggage is included in economy class tickets. Your Greenland experience starts the moment you step into our planes. Welcome aboard!    

Frequently Asked Questions

About flying to Greenland

When should I visit? Are there more sheeps than people? We made a list of the top questions and answered them below.

1. How much does it cost to go to Greenland?

The average price for a standard return ticket is between 3000 and 5000 Danish crowns (DKK) depending on the season. This amount brings you to one destination in Greenland. Approx between $500 USD to $830 USD, or between €400 to €670 EUR.  

2. What is the cost to travel domestic in Greenland?

If you want to travel from where your international plane lands, and around the country, you can sail or fly. Depending on how far you want to travel internally in Greenland, it may cost the same or more than your trip to Greenland itself. Thus, many people choose a package trip with flights, hotel and experiences included, to avoid surprises. 

3. What is the main airport in Greenland?

Kangerlussuaq International Airport (SFJ), 60 km north of the polar circle, where more than 80% of all travelers pass through. Flight time is approx. 4½ hours from Copenhagen, 4 hours from New York and 2 hours from Keflavik(with jets - a little longer with propel aircraft dash 8, used by both Air Iceland Connect and Air Greenland). Kangerlussuaq means "The long fjord" as the airport is located at the start of a fjord reaching the sea 170 km away. Historically the airport was built by the American Air Force (USAF) during World War II, known as Sondrestrom Air Base, Sondre or Bluie West Eight. The airport is situated in the middle of Greenland's magnificent nature, only 25 km from the ice sheet. For visitors it is possible to come on day trips to the ice cap.

4. Is there a ferry from Greenland to Iceland?

There are no ferries to Greenland from other countries. The only ones arriving by ship are cruise tourists on a transatlantic trip including Greenland. Internally in Greenland, a local passenger ship sails in commuting from south to north and back again.

5. Are there highways in Greenland?

No. There are no roads between the cities in Greenland and therefore every town is like an island surrounded by mountains, water and ice. A few places you can hike between the towns in summer or drive snowmobiles, skiing or dog sledding in the winter. Most known routes are in South Greenland and on the polar circle – called the Arctic Circle Trail. In the winter when the sea is freezing in northern Greenland, people also drive on the sea-ice between cities and settlements.  

6. Should you have a visa to get to Greenland?

Since Greenland and the Faroe Islands is a part of the Danish Realm, Citizens from countries that are not visa-obliged upon entry to Denmark, do not need a visa when entering Greenland. See more on the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Citizens from visa-obliged countries must state that they wish to travel to Greenland, so that the visa issued for Denmark also applies to Greenland.

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