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Carla Langholz, I was raised in Nuuk by Danish parents.
For the past few years, I have been living in Greenland, Australia, and Norway, but I'm now taking a gap year at home, in Nuuk, Greenland.
Growing up in Nuuk was a blessing. The summers passed with sailing in the second biggest fjord system in the world, scouting for whales in the ocean, and reindeer on land. When August came, hunting season started, which means time to fill up the freezer with sustainable meet until the next season starts.
The long winters went by quickly when you enjoy snowboarding and snowmobiling and the cold biting your cheeks.
Having a family who takes pleasure in nature has provided me with a very joyful childhood in Nuuk.
I enjoy traveling and photography, which makes Greenland the perfect place to explore.
I take advantage of the nature around me and I will be blogging about my experiences during my gap year in Greenland.

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