Midnight Sun Photo Workshop | Disko Bay
Midnight Sun Photo Workshop | Disko Bay
Amazing 4 Days | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
Amazing 4 Days | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
Arctic Nights Photography Workshop | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
Arctic Nights Photography Workshop | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
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East Greenland Photo Exploration | Tasiilaq

East Greenland Photo Exploration | Tasiilaq
East Greenland Photo Exploration | Tasiilaq
East Greenland Photo Exploration | Tasiilaq
East Greenland Photo Exploration | Tasiilaq
East Greenland Photo Exploration | Tasiilaq
East Greenland Photo Exploration | Tasiilaq
East Greenland Photo Exploration | Tasiilaq

Come along on a visual delightful journey to Greenland’s East coast with this 5-day nature photography vacation package. You will be exploiting your camera lens to East Greenlands most extraordinary Arctic wonders, such as glaciers, icebergs and the luscious tundra. This tour can be done by anyone with a camera, as the beauty of Greenland can be captured by amateurs and professionals. The untouched and raw nature is what makes East Greenland such a unique destination. 

East Greenland is a photographer's undiscovered paradise! The coasts many fjords offers glaciers, icebergs, untouched tundra and numerous wildlife, for you to capture with your camera. East Greenlands top attractions are remote and far from civilisation, which is perfect for you who would like to enhance your nature photography skills. 

Over 5 days, you’ll have the chance to experience, examine and explore East Greenland’s sheer wealth of unique sceneries - visits to the Aputsiaq, Haan and Knud Rasmussen’s Glaciers are to be explored, Ammassalik, Ikasagtivaq and Johan Pedersen fjord is to be experienced, and the small settlements Tinitiqilaaq, abandoned Ikateq and Sermiliqaq is to be examined. 

Scroll down to see the full itinerary.

Do not hesitate to join this amazing photo voyage in East Greenland, pack your bags and bring your camera! Check the availability by pressing ‘Choose a date’ above. 

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Jul. - Aug.
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Activities: Glacier Views, Iceberg Views, Midnight Sun, Boat Tour, Settlement Visit, Photo Tour
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English, Greenlandic
  • Attractions: Kulusuk, Knud Rasmussen Glacier, Tasiilaq, Ammassalik Island, Sermilik Fjord
Pickup information:
    Kulusuk Airport
    You meet us at the departure location.
    • Transfer between Kulusuk / Tasiilaq

    • Accommodation

    • All Meals

    • Flights

    What to bring:
    • Camera

    • Camera Equipment

    • Warm & Practical Clothing

    • Binoculars

    • Mosquito Net

    • Mosquito Repellent

    • Good Hiking Shoes

    • Warm Hat

    • Gloves / Mittens

    • Neckwarmer

    Good to know:

    We recommend dressing in layers, after the onion principle. It is quite cold in Greenland, even during the summer.

    You will be staying in a traditional Greenlandic house, with a fully equipped kitchen and living room. The house will be shared with other guests.

    This tour does not include flight tickets. We recommend flying from Iceland to Kulusuk.

    Daily itinerary

    Day 1 - Arriving in East Greenland | Kulusuk |The Aputsiaq Glacier | Tasiilaq

    East Greenland Photo Exploration | Tasiilaq

    Today, the photo adventure of your life begins.

    Welcome to East Greenland, and the beginning of your 5-day photo tour, where you will be capturing the wonders of the Arctic, with your camera lens.

    First, you will be arriving in Kukusuk. In Kulusuk you will be met by your guide, who will be accompanying you and your fellow explorers for the next 5 days. From Kulusuk, the adventure continues. You will be travelling through Sermilik fjord to Tasiilaq town. Sermilik fjord is known for its spectacular beauty of countless icebergs, drifting through the dark blue sea and soaring glaciers. En route, you will be stopping by the vast Aputsiaq glacier, where you will have the chance to take pictures and enjoy the extraordinary landscape of the Arctic.

    You will be overwhelmed by the beauty of East Greenland, everywhere you look you can see countless icebergs and sky-high mountain peeks.

    In Tasiilaq you will be transferred to your accommodation. Spend the rest of the day, exploring Tasiilaq on your own.

    Day 2 - Ammassalik & Ikasagtivaq Fjord | Settlement Of Tinitiqilaa

    East Greenland Photo Exploration | Tasiilaq

    Come aboard, today you will be conquering the vast waters of Ammassalik and Ikasagtivaq fjord! Today's schedule starts at 9 am by the harbour. First, you will be sailing through Ammassalik fjord.

    Almost immediately, you will understand why the fjord is included in the tour. The fjord is known for its remarkable arctic landscape, with lakes of all sizes and shapes, sky-high mountain peaks, boisterous waterfalls, luscious valleys and spell-binding glaciers.

    It is a once in a lifetime chance, to experience Ammasalik – this is an Arctic landscape that compares to no other.

    From Ammassalik we enter the Ikasagtivaq fjord. The deep fjord will lead you to the small settlement of Tinitiqilaa. We will be stopping in Tinitiqilaa for two hours, and eat lunch by the ice fjord. The shores of the Icefjord will not only host you for lunch. Capture the countless icebergs with your camera, the icebergs create a scenery of white icebergs contrasting to the dark blue waters of the fjord.

    Tinitiqilaa means the well that dries out at low tide and is situated on a small peninsula between Sermilik and Ikkaasagitivaq fjord. The settlement has approximately 110 inhabitants and walking through the settlement will give you an insight into what life is like, in the hidden corners of Greenland.

    We return to Tasiilaq.

    Day 3 - Abandoned Settlement Ikateq | Knud Rasmussen’s Glacier | Sermiliqaq Settlement

    East Greenland Photo Exploration | Tasiilaq

    Today’s destination will take you to a wonder of the Arctic, Knud Rasmussen’s Glacier.

    In the morning we will be travelling to Ikateq, an abandoned village. Departure is at 9 o’clock. Ikateq holds views of the Arctic wilderness, perfect for photos! Nearby the village, you will find an old American airbase. The airbase creates beautiful contrasts to the multicoloured tundra and its peaky mountains. The airbase was founded after WW II and were abandoned when Kulusuk Airport was established. It is quite fascinating roaming around the abandoned buildings.

    Next destination of the day, is the highlight of the day: Knud Rasmussen’s Glacier. When arriving at the glacier you will be met by a huge glacier wall and surrounding you are crystal blue icebergs.

    You will be spending the next two hours, exploring, examining and experiencing the wonder of the Arctic.

    Last stop of the day, is the settlement, Sermiliqaq. The settlement has approximately 220 inhabitants. The landscape is dotted with small colourful wooden houses, creating distinctive and picturesque scenery. Nearby the settlement are the two massive glaciers, Knud Rasmussen and Karale glacier, that creates an even more magical landscape. The glaciers are known as “the worlds largest ice machines’’, due to its calving icebergs. The glacial activity releases sediments, giving the fjord a very unique milky blue colour.

    Sermiliqaq is perfect for capturing photos, that can capture beauty not even your imagination can fathom.

    We return to Tasiilaq at 5 PM.

    Day 4 - Johan Pedersen Fjord | Abandoned Ikateq | Haan Glacier

    East Greenland Photo Exploration | Tasiilaq

    In the morning you depart from Tasiilaq and sail towards Johan Pedersen fjord. Today's highlights are the abandoned settlement Ikateq and the Haan Glacier.

    First, you will be sailing through Sermerlik Icefjord and make a quick stop in Ikateq. In Ikateq, you will have the chance to take the pictures, you missed last time.

    The tour continues and you will be heading to the Haan Glacier, but first, you will be sailing through Johan Pedersen fjord. The fjord holds spell-binding surroundings, that will decorate your inner explore – leaving you with a sense of Greenland’s infinite beauty. The waters of the fjord are in contrast to the Haan glacier’s migrating icebergs. We will go to shore near the glacier and enjoy lunch.

    As we return to Tasiilaq, we will explore and examine the various sculpted icebergs.

    Day 5 - Free Day | Icefjord Cruise

    East Greenland Photo Exploration | Tasiilaq

    Today is yours to create. Stop by the dogs, and chit chat with the mushers. Please note, that it is not safe to approach the dogs without the owners. For cultural experiences, enjoy a performance by a local drum dancer, Greenlandic culture is quite unique to experience in East Greenland – as they are pro’s in drum dancing.

    We wrap up the adventure with an Icefjord cruise in Sermilik.

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