5 Day Greenland Highlights Tour | East Greenland

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Tour starts
Starts and ends at Kulusuk Airport, East Greenland
5 days
Jul. - Aug.

Come on this tour and see some of the finest that Greenland has to offer. You will see a lot of ice and icefjords, where the icebergs quietly float to the sea. You will see som impressive glaciers and get an insight into the Inuit way of life in East Greenland. If you are lucky you might just see whales as well on the boat tours.

This tour starts in Kuusuk in East Greenland. Kulusuk is where the airport in the area is located, both domestic and international flights land here. From Kulusuk you will be transported to Tasiilaq, the biggest town on the east coast of Greenland. You will either fo to Tasiilaq by boat or helicopter - no matter what this will be a beautiful trip and you will have a great view to the amazing landscape.

You will spend four nights in Tasiilaq, a town with roughly 2000 inhabitants. Here you will experience how the modern world and the traditional Greenlandic lifestyle is mixed. From your base in Tasiilaq you will travel out on various day tours in the area's breathtaking nature. Two days you will go on boat tours, sailing among icebergs, see the huge Knud Rasmussens glacier and visit one of the small hunters settlements situated in the Sermilik Icefjord. In Tasiilaq you will go on a guided city walk and hike to beautiful Flower Valley just out of town.

See a more detailed itinerary further down the page.

Come along on this trip and travel to a part of the world, that is far away from everything you might know about. Check the availability by pressing "Choose a date" above and book your tour today.


Helicopter or boat between Kulusuk and Tasiilaq
Accommodation: Double room in guesthouse with full board. (Hotel accommodation if the guesthouse is full)
Boat excursion to the Knud Rasmussen Glacier (7-8 hours)
Boat Excursion to Tiniteqilaaq and Sermilik Icefjord (7-8 hours)
City Walk and Flower Valley (4-5 hours)


Glacier Views
City Tour
Iceberg Views
Boat Tour


Knud Rasmussen Glacier
Sermilik Fjord

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Photo: Mads Phil

From Kulusuk to Tasiilaq

Today your tour starts from the airport in Kulusuk. From Kulusuk you will either go by boat or helicopter to Tasiilaq, the biggest town on Greenlands east coast.

Whether you sail or fly to Tasiilaq, you will have a beautiful experience with seeing the landscape of high mountain peeks towering over the never ending, ice filled fjords. When you reach Tasiilaq you will be taken to your guest house, where you will be staying the next four nights. You can spend some time on unpacking and getting to know the area. Later in the day there will be an information meeting about the program for the following days and a dinner with the other participants of the trip. If weather permits the chef will fire up the barbeque on the terrace, so you can enjoy the food with the view and fresh air on the side. Try to get some sleep before the big adventure tomorrow, though it can be hard to go to bed in the light summer nights.

Day 2
5 Day Greenland Highlights Tour | East Greenland - day 2

Boat Excursion to the Knud Rasmussen & Karale Glaciers

In the morning you will have to meet at the harbour of Tasiilaq, where todays excursion starts from. You will head northwest into the big Ammassalik Fjord and after an hour of sailing you will turn into a narrow fjord surrounded with tall mountain peaks. Stand on the deck and take in all the great views and fresh air.

The first stop will be at Ikateq, which is an abandoned American airfield from World War 2. The code name for the airfield is Bluie East Two and was in operation between 1942 to 1947. It was built in order to facilitate transatlantic air traffic, navigation, search-and-rescue operations and weather forecast. Today the landscape is dominated by a rusty red colour, as the area is full of old fuel drums, vehicles and ruins from the airfield, that never were removed.

After the stop in Ikateq the tour will continue to the Sermiligaaq Fjord, which in Greenlandic means “The Beautiful Glacier Fjord”. The name very much reflects what you are about to see - a huge fjord where two glaciers come down to the water, an amazing sight that makes you feel small in the big nature. The glaciers ahead of you are the Karale Glacier and Knud Rasmussen Glacier. Suddenly you might hear something similar to an explosion, which might be the birth of an iceberg, as the glacier calves and a huge chunk of ice falls into the water. You will sail as close to glacier as safety allows and go on shore to have lunch with this amazing view. After one to two hours in the area, you will head back to Tasiilaq. Enjoy the beautiful view of the landscape on the way back.

It is important that you bring warm clothes for the day tour, as it can get cold when sailing. Lunch, warm drinks and refreshments are included in the tour.

Day 3
5 Day Greenland Highlights Tour | East Greenland - day 3

Boat Excursion to Tiniteqilaaq and Sermilik Icefjord

Today's adventure also starts at the harbour in Tasiilaq, but you will be heading in a slightly different direction. The route will be along the Ammassalik Island, where you again will be surrounded by the beautiful arctic landscape and icebergs, passing like floating sculptures.

After sailing between one or two hours you will arrive at the charming little settlement Tiniteqilaaq. The settlement is located with an amazing view of the Sermilik Fjord, which in Greenlandic actually means "Icefjord". The fjord got the name, as it is filled with huge icebergs and in the horizon you will be able to see the Greenland Ice Cap. You will have the opportunity to go on shore in the settlement, where around 100 inhabitants have their daily life. You will get some time to explore Tiniteqilaaq on your own and imagine how living in a place like this would be. After the visit you will sail further into the Sermilik Icefjord and enjoy your lunch with a closer view to the icebergs before heading back south, around the Ammassalik Island and towards Tasiilaq.

It is important that you bring warm clothes for the day tour, as it can get cold when sailing. Lunch, warm drinks and refreshments are included in the tour.

Day 4
5 Day Greenland Highlights Tour | East Greenland - day 4

City Walk and Flower Valley Hike

Today you will stay around Tasiilaq and have solid ground under your feet, as you will be going on a city walk with a guide that can tell you everything abour the city. You will explore all the gems that Tasiilaq has to offer and starting out in the artisan workshop, where local artists create beautiful handicrafts, you might even find some treasures to buy and bring back home.

After the visit at the workshop you will continue towards the harbour and visit the museum, located in the old church from 1903. In the museum you can learn about history and daily life in East Greenland. From the museum you will go to the new church, which gives you a lovely view over the city. In the area you will also find the oldest houses in Tasiilaq.

The second part of the program is a hike to the Flower Valley. Though before heading to the valley, you can have a quick look into the tourist office Skæven, where you also can buy all kinds of souvenirs, handicrafts, maps, get information etc.

The hike continues to the Flower Valley - a beautiful valley full of the Greenlandic flora. Here you will find arctic thyme, arctic bluebell, arctic dandelion, broad-leafed willow herb, the purple flower which is Greenlands national flower, called Niviarsiaq in Greenlandic. The hike will continue for some kilometers on a curved path along the river, until you reach a little waterfall. Here you will have some time to enjoy the surroundings and peacefulness of the nature before going the same way back to town.

The hike to the Flower Valley is easy, but it is recommended that you wear good, sturdy shoes or hiking boots, as the terrain can be uneven. It is also recommended that you bring some refreshments on the hike.

Day 5
5 Day Greenland Highlights Tour | East Greenland - day 5

Goodbye East Greenland

Today it is time to pack your luggage again and say goodbye, as this adventure has come to an end. Hopefully you will bring back a lot of good memories from your unique experiences in Greenland.

You will be taking the helicopter or boat from Tasiilaq back to Kulusuk in the morning.

What to bring

Hiking boots - preferable light, waterproofing boots with ankle support
Long and short sleeve thermal underwear
Rain jacket with a good hood and rain trousers
Hiking trousers
Gloves, warm hat and socks (two or three pairs of woolen or synthetic hiking socks)
Puffy jacket, down or synthetic (for the boat ride)
Day back pack 20-30 litres
Towel and toiletries
Water bottle
Casual clothes / change of clothes
Mosquito protection as nets and repellents
Prescription medication and other personal health items
Optional gear: Walking poles, pen knife, hat or cap, thermal mat, camera, indoor slippers and aperitif or other heart-warming spirits

Good to know

This tour is semi-guided, this means that you will be picked up by a host at the air port in Tasiilaq and brief you about the program for the tour. The host will make sure that you know when and where to meet up for the different excursions.

Please note: See description of tour operator for terms and conditions, including cancellation policies for the tour.

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