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Come along this 3-day exploration of the Kangerlussuaq area, and experience standing in front of a big glacial wall, walking on the Greenland ice sheet itself and looking for wildlife such as reindeer and muskoxen!

This short package is brimmed with adventure and unforgettable experiences, by the sunniest location in all of Greenland. You'll have the time of your life without the hassle of planning everything as this package includes all transfers, accommodation and tours, you just have to get to Kangerlussuaq to have the time of your life.

You'll go on a short hike to an area known for its population of wild musk oxen and reindeer, the second day you'll go on a private tour to see the famous Russell Glacier, an ice wall towering above the land always moving ever so slightly, which means you might see it calve icebergs in a big thundering roar, from here you'll continue on to point 660 where all of the bravest adventurers go to cross the vast ice sheet. Here you can experience walking on the second largest ice mass in the world, only topped by the Antarctic. It is a humbling experience, especially if you go up to a vantage point from which you can see an endless sea of ice going far beyond the horizon.

The last day you'll go on a flightseeing tour over the Greenland ice sheet to truly get a feel of how massive and beautiful it is, you'll fly low over the valleys and rivers all the way to the glaciers and crystal blue lakes forming on top of the ice. 

Having had the adventure of a lifetime, it's time to head back home. If this sounds like an adventure for you, go ahead click on the Itinerary tab to read more information about each day of the tour, and then reserve your place by clicking on Book Now.


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