Arctic Wildlife Safari | 8 Days | Ittoqqortoormiit | East Greenland

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February - May
8 days
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Come along this journey to the remote and distant Ittoqqortoormiit nature, which is paired with dog sledding, snowmobiling and arctic wildlife scouting in the vast, wild and wonderful East Greenlandic nature. This tour is for anyone who loves Greenland, from the spectacular arctic creatures to the frozen tundra!

Situated on the east coast of Greenland, lies the small village in endless miles of Arctic Tundra.

The next 8 days will be spent with traveling through the arctic tundra, in the presence of various arctic wildlife. You will experience muskox’s, seals, polar bears and walruses in their natural habitat, while the Inuit hunter escorting you, commands the direction of the journey.

Each adventure is planned in cooperation with the locals hunters, to maximize the possibility of spotting arctic wildlife. The hunters knows the lands, like the palms of their hands. They and their ancestors has used the lands for hunting and survival for hundreds of year - and are always aware of when and where to spot the large variety of wildlife. 

The itinerary is described below.

Polar bears are not strangers to this part of the world – so meet the giant and come along this adventure! Check the booking availability and ‘’Book Now’’ your future adventure! 


City Tour

Dog Sledding

Glacier Views

Northern Lights


Whale Watching

Wildlife Observation


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