Dogsled Exploration of Liverpool Land | Ittoqqortoormiit | East Greenland

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March - May
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Come join an exclusive expedition through the wonders of East Greenland’s stunning nature in the winter season. Snow covered terrain allows you to travel by the famous dog sled, an old transportation tradition as old as the Greenlanders have existed. An authentic experience that you will get to enjoy in the four days’ action packed journey, where you will get to explore Liverpool Land.

You will get to experience the Greenlandic culture to the fullest as you will be accommodated in the center of Ittoqqortoormiit town. A town decorated with colourful houses, friendly and outgoing locals with plenty of time to get cultivated before and after your journey through the arctic landscape. Ittoqqortoormiit is a town of around 450 inhabitants that was established back in 1925, which started with families further down south from Tasiilaq, and a few from West Greenland. The town is isolated which means getting resources here is an difficult affair, and therefor can’t be maintained alone from resources outside. That means that the towns local hunters have a job to keep up with food by going on daily hunts around the area. Luckily this is not a big issue since the area is rich of arctic wildlife. The local hunters of Ittoqqortoormiit are the only people who have regular access to the National Park situated close to the town.

You will have the privilege to experience all of what Ittoqqortoormiit has to offer, all you have to do is pull out your warm clothes and bring your camera for this memorable trip. Do not miss out on this authentic and mind blowing experience! Check out the booking availability and book your adventure now.

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