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Are you adventurous soul?  Join us and sleep on the brink of the Lyngmark Glacier on this multiday tour to the mountains of Disko Island! While exploring the phenomenal glacial environment you will be staying in our mountain lodge, which overviews the Disko Bay.

Disko Island is raw and wild. Its volcanic heritage has created a unique environment, unlike any other place in Greenland:  basalt rock formations, lush and rich vegetation, hot springs, and black sand beaches. These unique and beautiful naturally formed wonders are topped off with the Uunartuarsuup Sermia, also known as the Lyngmark Glacier, which you will be exploring on this tour.

The glacier proves that Disko Island is indeed magical. Uunartuarsuup Sermia rests upon the iconic symmetrical, flat-topped, and rust-colored mountains and has the perfect conditions to explore the glacial environment.

The tour departs from Qeqertarsuaq town at 11:00, where you will meet us. From here you will be hiking to the mountain, where the glacier resides. There is no other way of reaching the glacier in the summer and the hike reaches an altitude of about 900 meters above Qeqertarsuaq.

You will be conquering 4 hours of uneven and upgoing terrain with a few scree passages up the hill to 900 meters! Despite this being a challenging hike, you will be hiking in the most beautiful surroundings, and along the way, we will stop to admire the unspoiled settings.  Facing the mountains you can enjoy the lush flora of Arctic Angelica, waterfalls, and the iconic backdrop of mountains. To the North, you have the view of Disko Bay and its migrating icebergs originating from the UNESCO World Heritage Ilulissat Icefjord.

Arriving on top of the Lyngmark Mountain you will be assigned to your room and bunk bed, which you will be sharing with your travel companions. For your afternoon and evening in the lodge, the guide has planned several activities. Which activities depend on the weather, the conditions of the glacier, and the composition of the group. But usually, this time is spent hiking to Blæsedalen, also known as Windy Valley or Apostle Mountain, and glacier hiking with snowshoes on the glacier!

Once you have done the different activities you can relax with a nice meal served by the guides and play a board game or two, that we have available at the lodge. The next day takes you back to Qeqertarsuaq the same way you came, but before departure, breakfast will be served.

You will be hiking down to Qeqertarsuaq and reach the town approx. at 12:00pm next day.

Discover the magic of Disko Island on this multiday tour of the Lyngmark Glacier by choosing your start day and pressing Book Now.



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