Guided Buggy Tour from Qassiarsuk | South Greenland

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Day Tour
June - September
3.5 hours
Start town
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Come along on this guided buggy tour and explore the amazing nature South Greenland has to offer in a fun vehicle!

This tour is a 3.5-hour long tour that will lead you to the end of the road, which leads towards the glacier Qajiitaq. The tour starts from Qassiarsuk and drives you to the innermost of the Erik fjord. On the way, you will be passing by a few sheep farms!

We will drive you away from the seaside and up to the land that is close to the icecap Qajiitaq. On this road, there are no farms but raw nature, wild animals, sheep, rivers, and breathtaking waterfalls. Please note you will be driving on the dirt/gravel road. we will be driving carefully as the area is full of animals!

During the tour, there will be a break when we arrive at the end of the road, so you will have time to suck in the amazing surroundings and take some pictures. In the end, you will be riding around 40 km

The tour will end at the starting point in Qassiarsuk.

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Glacier Views


Glacier Qajiitaq


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