Hiking Exploration | 8 Days | South Greenland

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Come along this adventure, that is paired with hiking the South Greenlandic tundra. Combing the landscapes of South Greenland and the favorable activity of the outdoor human, makes for great adventures. This tour is for anyone curious for what spectacular landscapes and unique nature South Greenland has to offer, from the peaky mountain sides reflecting themselves in still waters to the colorful and radiant fields of tundra.

South Greenland, is a world of its own. Greenland is known for its rough and raw climate, but in the South you will find an idyllic setting, unlike any other place. Grassing sheep, stranded white and blue nuanced icebergs and mesmerizing fields in all sort of color is to be explored.

On this tour you will be visiting remote and distant locations, in the form of farming settlements only reached by dirt roads and flowers valley only accessible by walking. These hidden gems are rarely seen by outside visitors, due to their remote locations but as you will be hiking – you will get to experience, explore and examine the mesmerizing landscapes. On your journey into the wild, wonderful and vast Greenlandic nature you will be accompanied by grassing sheep, migrating humpback whales and the White-Tailed eagle.

Untouched nature and unimaginable scenic journeys are ahead of this adventure and is waiting for you to explore. Tie your hiking boots and bring your walking this! Check the booking availability and book your next hiking adventure now! 

Ups... This tour is not available at the moment. 

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