Icecap Adventure | Narsaq | South Greenland

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Day Tour
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Ever dreamed of seeing the Greenland Icecap up close?

Well then this tour is made for you. You will travel from Narsaq town, and set out on adventure going through Ice filled passages to 2 destinations of the Greenland Ice sheet.

After making your way through Narsaq to the habor, you will be seated in the Flipper 630 HT. A lovely boat, that can hold up to 6 passengers. Get comfortable or stand on deck, while the arctic winds slip through your hair. You and your fellow explorers will be moving in between ice filled passages, with vigorous mountain sides circumscribing the waters.

After conquering the savage waters of the mesmerizing fjord, you arrive at the glacier front. You will not be able to understand that this massive ice azure, is only a tiny part of the Ice cap, that covers 80 % of Greenland. After visiting the Qalerrallit Sermia glacier, next stop will be the Naajat Sermia glacier.

The ice filled passages never stops to impress, so you return to Narsaq the same way you came.

Find your inner explorer and bring your binoculars. Check the availability and book your adventure now!


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