Tasermiut Camp | Nanortalik | South Greenland

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Venture into Tasermiut fjord and experience, explore and examine wonders of the arctic.

Tasermiut Ford is well-known for its spectacular beauty. With its sky high mountains, reflecting themselves in the still waters of the fjord, the inhabitants have crowned it as a wonder of the arctic.

Come along this mesmerizing sailing adventure, paired with camping in Tasermiut Fjord. Combining the two makes for great adventures, as you can explore as much as you want, without thinking of time and tides!

This tour is for any one whole loves the arctic, from the raw, naked and steep mountain sides to the Greenland Ice cap.

You will set out on your adventure from Nanortalik. In Tasermiut fjord, you will explore, experience and examine the Greenland Ice cap, Kuusuaq forest and Tasiusaq. The arctic tundra will be your home for the night, as you camp in the wild, wonderful and vast Greenland wilderness.

The itinerary is described below.

Pull on a warm hat and bring a walking stick, for this lovely adventure! Check the booking availability by pressing ''Choose a date'' above.


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Ice Sheet


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