Unique World of the Inuit | Ittoqqortoormiit | East Greenland

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Join this marvelous journey to a place not known many places in the world. It is like traveling to a different planet. East Greenland has some of the most breathtaking surroundings with rigged mountains and deserted-ness. This is very much the case in the area of Ittoqqortoormiit, where isolation is just part of the everyday life. Nonetheless the locals are very friendly and smiling people who love visitors from the outside world, welcoming them with open arms. A place where time almost stands still. In the summer period however, many cruise ships stop by for a short look into the world of a population of approximately 450. The town is located very close to the famous National Park, which is thriving with wildlife and untouched nature everywhere. But it is not a park like everywhere else due to the difficulties of getting there, therefor a huge privilege to be able to visit this unique land area.

On this 8 day adventure you will get the full arctic experience, waking up with a view of the snow covered landscape and peacefulness around you. Getting to experience snowmobile, dogsledding, hiking and much more.

Itinerary will be planned upon arrival due to the changing weather and ice conditions.

A once in a life time experience through the hardship of the Greenlandic nature. The beautiful snow covered landscape will mesmerize you beyond belief. So stop hesitating and start gathering the things you will need for this adventurous journey back in time. Check out the booking availability by pressing ‘Book now’ above and book your adventure now.

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