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Frequently Asked Questions

About photo tours

1. Are photo tours for professional photographers?

No, photo tours are for photo lovers. Participants are amateurs who love to take photos.

2. What is special about a photo tour? Everyone takes photos.

There are photo tours lead by a professional photographer, who gives the participants tips to take great photos. Other tours are with a local guide, who knows the photo opportunities of the area.In both cases, you will have ample time to circle an icebergs to get the perfect angle, wait for the sun that’s about to come out.

It’s also nice to travel with people with the same interest. If you enjoy talking about photography and exchange information on how to get the best shot, you’ll love this type of tour.

3. Are there photo tours in the winter too?

Yes, taking photos of northern lights is a dream for many people. It can be amazing with the moonlight too.It’s nice to have some tips, if you’re trying to take northern lights for the first time.