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Car rentals in Greenland

Driving in Greenland

As there is no roads between cities driving in Greenland is quiet easy. The roads are not the best, and can change a lot depending on both your destination and weather condition. In wintertime there is usually a lot of snow, that set a natural limit to the speed you want to drive. Here is some useful information if you're planning on driving during your stay.

The road network

There a no network between cities. 

Rules and regulations

Greenland's driving laws may be different to those from your home country, so be sure to take the following on board. Generally, the speed limit in towns and cities is 40 km/h. In some roads in Nuuk the limit is set to 60 km/h.

For safety reasons, motorists are obliged by law to keep headlights at all times. As in the most countries, all passengers are required by law to wear a seat belt, whilst driving under the influence of alcohol, as well as using a mobile phone whilst driving, are also forbidden.

Please, respect our nature and drive with care.


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