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Iluuna Heilmann
My fellow explorer and I had the best day we could imagine. We did the tour to Nuuk Icefjord, where we enroute saw jumping whales, it is truly amazing to cruise through the icy waters. Once we arrived we enjoyed a nice glass of whiskey with ice from the Narsap Sermia Glacier. CEO Anders Lykke Laursen and his guide provided the day with smiles and laughter, creating the best atmosphere onboard :)
Iluuna Heilmann
We did a round tour of Nuuk fjord, where we first visited the Narsap Sermia glacier and Uummanaq island for whale watching. The last stop of the day was Qooqqut, where we did some fishing in the neighboring waters, and ended the day with a lovely dinner at Qooqqut Nuan. Nuuk Water Taxi fulfilled our day with the best service imaginable, providing smiles, laughter and an excellent cruise through Nuuk Fjord's waters!
Inu Pelli
We had an absolutely fantastic holiday in Narsaq and the surroundings! Our lovely tour guides Ulrikka and Hans from HKM Travel made really their utmost to make us feel comfortable and let us enjoy the beautiful nature, villages and people of South Greenland. An unforgettable 10+ holiday! Also a special thank for Iluuna from Guide to Greenland for good communication and patience for my endless questions. Thank you!
Martin Nordlund Madsen
It was a fantastic trip and a great experience! The duration was just perfect and the open boat made it even more fun. Amazing nature and a great restaurant. I highly recommend this trip to anyone.
Martin Nordlund Madsen
Great boat for quick adventures! We used it for a business hiking adventure and was picked up by the P550 on the way home. Fast, fun and comfortable for a small boat. I highly recommend this to anyone who is considering this boat charter.
Marcus Mørup Wissum
Great for quick adventures close to Nuuk, we even got off at a small island to explore a little bit on the way to Kang Skicenter! Would recommend this to anyone who is in need of a quick adventure in Nuuk.

Car rentals in Greenland

Driving in Greenland

As there is no roads between cities driving in Greenland is quiet easy. The roads are not the best, and can change a lot depending on both your destination and weather condition. In wintertime there is usually a lot of snow, that set a natural limit to the speed you want to drive. Here is some useful information if you're planning on driving during your stay.

The road network

There a no network between cities. 

Rules and regulations

Greenland's driving laws may be different to those from your home country, so be sure to take the following on board. Generally, the speed limit in towns and cities is 40 km/h. In some roads in Nuuk the limit is set to 60 km/h.

For safety reasons, motorists are obliged by law to keep headlights at all times. As in the most countries, all passengers are required by law to wear a seat belt, whilst driving under the influence of alcohol, as well as using a mobile phone whilst driving, are also forbidden.

Please, respect our nature and drive with care.


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