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Iluuna Heilmann
My fellow explorer and I had the best day we could imagine. We did the tour to Nuuk Icefjord, where we enroute saw jumping whales, it is truly amazing to cruise through the icy waters. Once we arrived we enjoyed a nice glass of whiskey with ice from the Narsap Sermia Glacier. CEO Anders Lykke Laursen and his guide provided the day with smiles and laughter, creating the best atmosphere onboard :)
Iluuna Heilmann
We did a round tour of Nuuk fjord, where we first visited the Narsap Sermia glacier and Uummanaq island for whale watching. The last stop of the day was Qooqqut, where we did some fishing in the neighboring waters, and ended the day with a lovely dinner at Qooqqut Nuan. Nuuk Water Taxi fulfilled our day with the best service imaginable, providing smiles, laughter and an excellent cruise through Nuuk Fjord's waters!
Inu Pelli
We had an absolutely fantastic holiday in Narsaq and the surroundings! Our lovely tour guides Ulrikka and Hans from HKM Travel made really their utmost to make us feel comfortable and let us enjoy the beautiful nature, villages and people of South Greenland. An unforgettable 10+ holiday! Also a special thank for Iluuna from Guide to Greenland for good communication and patience for my endless questions. Thank you!
Martin Nordlund Madsen
It was a fantastic trip and a great experience! The duration was just perfect and the open boat made it even more fun. Amazing nature and a great restaurant. I highly recommend this trip to anyone.
Martin Nordlund Madsen
Great boat for quick adventures! We used it for a business hiking adventure and was picked up by the P550 on the way home. Fast, fun and comfortable for a small boat. I highly recommend this to anyone who is considering this boat charter.
Marcus Mørup Wissum
Great for quick adventures close to Nuuk, we even got off at a small island to explore a little bit on the way to Kang Skicenter! Would recommend this to anyone who is in need of a quick adventure in Nuuk.
Barbara Vang
I had an truly amazing experience on this tour in the summer. The landscape and weather was absolutely amazing! We saw whales several times - even jumping whales, huge icebergs and fished. It was so much fun and the captain/CEO of Nuuk Water Taxi was so knowledgeable, telling a lot of stories from all of Greenland. Such a memorable and fun day!
Gisli Eyland
Sisimiut Private Boat Safari
I feel lucky to be one of the few who had visited The Great Russell Glacier by bus from Kangerlussuaq ( Sondre ) the main Airport and gateway in Greenland for international flights I believe. We got a lot of interesting facts from the guide, and fine photo stops, but the most memorable for me, was just standing there and hear the cracking from the glacier, realizing that the wall of ice in front of me, actually are extremely larger and higher than most NY Blocks. Where to? Please take me to the "Glacier Block" on 81'st.... Surreal.
Lisa Germany
I did the Unplugged Wilderness Trek with Greenland Adventures in July 2017 and it was my #1 experience during an entire year of travel. The scenery in East Greenland is spectacular, and the logistics and organisation of the 12-day trek were outstanding. Very professional company with outstanding customer support, quality camping equipment, and a huge focus on safety. I am planning to trek with them again in Greenland in 2018!
Lisa Germany
If you love trekking in remote places, the Unplugged Wilderness Trek is definitely one you should do. It doesn't get much more remote than East Greenland, and spending 12 days in this incredible landscape where there are no trails and no other people is an awesome experience. If you are seasoned multi-day trekker, this is a relatively easy trek - but no less spectacular for it. Our guide, Maxime Poncet, was beyond brilliant, with a wonderful ability to get everyone talking, loads of interesting stories, and never-ending patience and good cheer. Our group of 13 really enjoyed our time together and didn't want it to end! The trek is supported by boat (absolute luxury to only have to carry a day pack), and, despite the remoteness, the logistics organisation from Greenland Adventures (Icelandic Mountain Guides) was impeccable. The hostel in Kulusuk is wonderful, the camping equipment provided was first class, and there was no shortage of food throughout the 12 days (you definitely won't go hungry!). If you want to read my extensive write-up of this trek, have a look at: http://www.lisagermany.com/world/unplugged-wilderness-day1-east-greenland/
Marcel Loepfe
Really a great experience! Took a two hour tour, and have to say that the snowmobile must be the best way to experience Greenland! So quickly on top of the mountains with unbelievable views. Thanks to the snowmobile and knowlegable driver, had a chance to access some amazing places. The best part is of coarse that anytime you can take a break to get some amazing pictures and appreciate the peaceful, quiet surroundings. In my opinion better than an airplane trip! Even more adrenaline going on this active outing. Thanks so much for the great organization and proffesionality! I‘m sure I‘ll be back.
Barbara Vang
We had such a great tour! I do not think you have experienced Nuuk properly if you haven't been on a boat tour. This tour is perfect if you have a busy schedule or just a short stay in Nuuk. It was only two hours, but we got to see some beautiful nature and the captain was really nice and telling stories about the places we saw. The tour was in an open boat, but we all got survival suits, so we could stay nice and warm. Super service! I would recommend this tour to everyone :)
Eli Bore
Hei, vi hadde en fantastisk flott uke i Nuuk med fine turer i Nuuk's flotte fjorder og fin tur til lille Malene. Været var helt topp. Det blir nok flere turer til Grønland. Anders, Knut og Karl som var våres sjåfører i Nuuk Water taxi var veldig hyggelige så de vil vi gjerne anbefale andre. Vennlig hilsen Eli og Grethe
Eli Bore
Hei, Vi hadde en fantastisk flott uke i Nuuk med fine turer i Nuuk's flotte fjorder og fin tur til lille Malene.Været var helt topp. Det blir nok flere turer til Grønland. Anders, Knut og Karl som var våres sjåfører i Nuuk Water taxi var veldig hyggelige så de vil vi gjerne anbefale andre. Vennlig hilsen Eli og Grethe
Sisimiut Private Boat Safari
Yahoo!! It felt like flying low above the waves. A totally unique experience. I never tried sailing like this before, but this was not the last time.
Frederik Levi Munthe
Havde en fantastisk tur ind til fjorden. Kaptajnen var meget venlig og fleksibel ift. det vi gerne ville. Vi startede med at sejle hen til et vandfald og derefter hen til nogle gode fiskesteder, som kaptajnen kendte. På vejen derhen så vi en flok hvaler længere væk. Vi sejlede hen til dem og kom ret tæt på. Helt fantastisk. Desuden fangede jeg mit livs første fisk. Det var også en rigtig stor oplevelse!
Frederik Levi Munthe
Absolutely wild experience! Think we sailed at almost 100 km / h. A great way to experience the Greenlandic nature in an exciting and fun way.
Anne Ladegaard
Super trip - great experience with the two guides / boatmasters who were both engaging and good at sharing their knowledge about Greenland and asking interested in us. It was a very nice and personal service we got here!
Christina Gamborg Holm
Iluuna Heilmann
Best tour I have ever experienced! Nuuk Water Taxi fulfilled our day to the fullest, our captain served coffee and biscuits and showed us around. If you are visiting Nuuk, it is a must to visit Kangeq, it's like travelling back in time!
Taku Morino
A guide kindly suggested us to reschedule the tour because it was cloudy in the day we booked. In the following clear day, he took us to an excellent place to see northern lights. Thanks to him, we could see beautiful lights. While waiting for the lights, fortunately it was quite a little waiting time, he told us about Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, polar animals, etc., which was good as well as the lights. I would join this tour again if I revisited Greenland.
Mette H
I had the perfect and most beautiful day to Udsigten/The View yesterday. We couldnt have asked for better weather - so stunning and great for hiking. It was hard work at times - but so rewarding and worth the effort. Thank you to Thorlak, the guide from Two Raven, and Gandhi for guiding me to the top - and safely down again :) - for helping me with the snow-shoes and for sharing stories. Thank you to Lasse from Guide to Greenland for making sure the trip was a, for the company and I look forward to see the photos and relive the hike :). Thank you for answering all my questions (and quickly) leading up to this trip. I’ll happilly book through Guide to Greenland again and join an excursion by Two Ravens. All the best, Mette
Michele Cappabianca
Russell glacier worth the 3 hours trip with wonderful landscape ! Ivan was a great guide .

Car rentals in Greenland


Tips for driving in Greenland

Given the small size of even the largest towns in Greenland, you’ll rarely have issues with traffic congestion or impatient drivers. Most drivers are very courteous, and if you avoid peak hour (which in Nuuk lasts about 15 minutes), you’ll find driving in Greenland stress-free.

The most important things to be conscious of if you are visiting during Winter, are the snow and ice conditions of the roads. However, cars are equipped with winter tyres, the roads are generally well cleared, and gravel or sand is regularly laid. This means that driving is safe so long as you maintain a speed that is appropriate to the conditions. If in doubt, take it slow, and pay attention if the car tells you it is slippery!

Keep an eye out for pedestrian crossings! These may be marked with lines on the road, but these are not visible when they are covered in snow. Pedestrian crossings are also signaled with a blue and white sign on either side of the road. 

Give way to dog sleds. If you are above the Arctic Circle or in East Greenland during Winter, remember that dog sleds always have the right of way.



Rules and regulations

The driving laws in Greenland may be different to those in your home country, so make sure you take the following onboard:

1. Drive on the right-hand side of the road

2. The minimum age is 18 and a valid driver’s license is required. If your driver’s license is not written with the Latin alphabet, you need an international driver’s license.

3. In most towns, the speed limit is 40km/hr. If you are driving in Nuuk - there are some roads where the speed limit changes to 60km/hr. Keep an eye out for the changing speed limit signs as you run the risk of a fine if you exceed them.

4. For safety and legal reasons, drivers must keep headlights on at all times and all passengers must wear a seatbelt.

5. As with everywhere else in the world, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and using a mobile phone while driving are forbidden. If you are seen by the police, you will be fined.

Enjoy your stay and drive with care.