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About Laali Berthelsen

Laali Berthelsen, 37 years
Born and raised in Nuuk, Greenland
Self employed
Working in the health and tourism industry.

I´ve been working with tourism since 2008 in Greenland and abroad, as a tour leader, expedition guide, destination guide, VIP guide, etc. and have travelled for many years both for work and pleasure.

I have also had many different projects, like:
- Personal development courses for the youth and adults in Greenland (mostly for social damaged groups)
- Health courses for companies and schools
- Working as an consultant at The Sports Confederation of Greenland

Following are my degrees:
- 2009 Service economist, tourism as specialty
- 2012 Fitness instructor
- 2015 Personal trainer
- 2016 Nutritionist
- 2019 Positive psychology supervisor

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