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I published a book and held a Greenlandic photo exhibition!

Christmas in Greenland – 2019

Santa’s address in Greenland

Just so natural winter in Greenland

Naturlig vinter i Grønland

Beautiful Nuuk from the sky

Blushing morning sky in Nuuk

Berry picking in Nuuk, Greenland

Northern lights above Nuuk in Greenland

Climbing in Nuuk – To Ukkusissat (aka. Store Malene, 775m) – A mountain with amazing view in Nuuk

Northern lights are back to Nuuk!

Qaqortoq, the biggest town in South Greenland

Hello from Nuuk, capital of Greenland

Korean living in Greenland

Koreaner bor i Grønland

Koreaner bor i Grønland

Top things to do in Greenland

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