Berry picking in Nuuk, Greenland

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In Greenland, from 1st of August, hunting season is finally started.

Of course, a lot of people in Greenland go fishing all year around but some people who have expected this hunting season, leave with their rifles to find reindeers.

During this season, it is quite interesting to see pictures on friends’ social media whenever they succeeded hunting reindeers. However, normally hunting requires a lot of physical activities, time and patience.

Me, well… I like walking and just little bit of light hiking but not enjoying that much physical activities. But on the other hand, I just did not want to miss this beautiful autumn season 😉


There is a cute activity that people can enjoy around this season, which is berry picking!

Wild berries

Last time, I posted climbing Store Malene. On the way to Store Malene, I could see plants, flowers and also Greenlandic crowberries. So I would’ve loved to come again to pick some crowberries.

Great place for berry picking near Lille Malene

Another great sunny day! Me and my friend tried to find a good spot for berry-picking!


Sometimes we found reindeers’ favourite food 😉 It is always good to have local friends who could let me know a lot of things about Greenland.

Flowers and a rock

Or some plants we could find very easily crowberries but we needed a real spot where we can just sit and pluck the berries. We tried to look for more around that area. While looking around, we could see other weird but also interesting plants 😉

Green plantation
Green plantation

Just for fun, when we found good and big crowberries, we just used to eat them.

Three berries in a hand
Red berries

Red ones are pretty to take pictures but they need more time to be black-ish 😀 Finally we found some spots!!

Photo by Insuk

There were literally A LOT of crowberries with good condition!

We just sat on the spot and started to pluck berries! It was also required patience. It was a bit hard for me to stand those times. Sometimes I just became so an impatient Korean xD I just moved a lot of spots but, we quite succeeded to pick crowberries.

Crow berries

It took 4 hours including finding spots and plucking. After coming back home, when I weighed berries, they were around 1 kg in total! So what is your favourite food/cake with Greenlandic crowberries? What do you want to bake/cook/make with them? Please share your ideas 😉

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