The Ultimate 8-day Arctic Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay

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Are you looking for the ultimate winter experience of the famous UNESCO World Heritage-listed Ilulissat Icefjord? Embark on the journey of a lifetime on this 8-day Arctic adventure

that also includes a night in an igloo!

This tour immerses you in a true Arctic winter experience where you will travel via dog sled,

snowmobile, snowshoe and boat to explore the highlights of the Ilulissat area. Never

snowshoed before? Never been on a snowmobile? Never been on a dog sled? No worries! It

is not difficult and we are there to assist you.

Over the course of your journey, you will visit the incredible Ilulissat Icefjord, sail around the

massive icebergs as they make their way into Disko Bay, spend a night in a small settlement

where only 27 people live year-round, experience traditional Greenlandic food, travel as the

Inuit do via dog sledge, sleep in an igloo made from snow, have the chance to see the

magical Northern Lights, and learn about many aspects of Greenlandic culture and modern

life from your guide and local people.

If this sounds like the adventure for you, scroll down to see the full itinerary and then book

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Accommodation | Ilulissat Guesthouse
City Walk | Tour
Snowshoe-Hike | Tour
Icefjord Cruise | Tour
Settlement Visit | Tour
Snowmobile To Igloo Lodge | Tour
One Night at Igloo Lodge


Greenlandic Culture
City Tour
Iceberg Views
Boat Tour
Settlement Visit


Ilulissat Icefjord

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Ilulissat church with an iceberg photo by Inesa Matuliauskaite | The Ultimate 8-day Arctic Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay |  Guide to Greenland

Arriving in Ilulissat and City Walk

Even before you land at Ilulissat airport, we have a hot tip for you. Look out the window of

the plane as you approach the city. If the weather cooperates (and depending on which

side of the plane you are on), you will have a spectacular view of the Ilulissat glacier and/or

Icefjord from above. Have your camera ready for some amazing pictures!

Once you have collected your luggage, take a taxi to “Ilulissat Guesthouse” and settle in. We

will meet you there to take you out on the first excursion of this 8-day odyssey - a City walk through Ilulissat. This tour will allow you to become familiar with the town and learn a little

about both its history and modern operation. We’ll take you past several places that you

will want to come back to and explore in more detail later in the trip when you have free


Day 2
Midnight sailing in Ilulissat| The Ultimate 8-day Arctic Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay|  Guide to Greenland

Snowshoe to Ilulissat Icefjord and explore enormous icebergs by boat

After breakfast, our exploration of the Ilulissat Icefjord will begin by snowshoe. We will head out to the Icefjord through the Sermermiut Valley – a fairly short and easy hike that will take us past old Inuit settlements and deliver us to some of the best views of this remarkable natural wonder. The glacier that feeds the Icefjord (Sermeq Kujalleq in the Greenlandic language) is one of the fastest moving glaciers in Greenland and produces around 10% of all of Greenland’s icebergs. It is thought that the iceberg that sank the Titanic probably originated here!

In the afternoon, we will take to our own boat (don’t worry, the Greenlandic captains are very experienced and the boats are designed for the Arctic environment) and sail at slow speed among the enormous icebergs that have made their way out into Disko Bay. Make sure you bring plenty of layers of clothing, as it can get quite cold. Also, remember to bring extra batteries for your camera, as the cold weather will drain them faster than usual.

Day 3
Snowmobiling in Ilulissat backcountry| The Ultimate 8-day Arctic Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay| Guide to Greenland

Snowmobile from Ilulissat to Oqaatsut

Today we head to Oqaatsut – a small settlement located about 20km North of Ilulissat –

by snowmobile. We will drive along the shore of Disko Bay and, if ice conditions permit, do part of the trip on the sea ice itself.

Once in Oqaatsut, we will walk around the settlement to witness daily life during winter in one of Greenland’s small villages before heading into a warm restaurant to have lunch.

In the afternoon, we will meet our Greenlandic sled dog team and musher for a 2-hour journey through the backcountry. Dog sledge is a very traditional method of transportation in Greenland and is still used today by locals to go hunting and to generally get from place to place during winter.

The day finishes back at the restaurant where you will learn more about Greenlandic culture and life in a small settlement and have the opportunity to try several different Greenlandic speciality foods. Afterwards, simply relax and enjoy the incredible view of the harbour and bay area from the comfort of the hotel.

Day 4
Oqaatsut settlement in Disko bay | The Ultimate 8-day Arctic Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay |  Guide to Greenland

Snowmobile back to Ilulissat

Today we will return to Ilulissat via snowmobile and you have the rest of the day to explore the city for yourself. You may like to re-visit one of the places we saw on the City Walk, and you should check out the Ultimate Guide to Ilulissat for other ideas.

Day 5
Colourful houses and Icebergs | The Ultimate 8-day Arctic Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay|  Guide to Greenland

Leisure Day in Ilulissat

Explore more of Ilulissat, arrange an additional day trip, or simply relax in the guesthouse or one of the cafes or restaurants around town. The day is yours to use as you wish.

Day 6
Igloo in Greenland | The Ultimate 8-day Arctic Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay |  Guide to Greenland

Snowmobile to Igloo Lodge

For the second-last night of our 8-day Arctic expedition, we have something very special. We will venture out once more by snowmobile into the back-country around Ilulissat – heading through the mountains towards our accommodation at Igloo Lodge. Yes, we will spend the night sleeping in igloos made of snow! Don’t worry, the igloos are equipped with super-warm sleeping bags, and we will spend most of our relaxation time in a cosily heated wooden country hut.

Once we arrive, the lodge manager will explain the program for the next 24 hours. No matter what is scheduled – it will be an amazing experience. Keep your fingers crossed for clear weather and a solar storm so we can make the most of our front row seats to the most amazing Arctic light show – the Northern Lights.

Day 7
Break during snowmobile trip in Ilulissat  |  The Ultimate 8-day Arctic Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay |  Guide to Greenland

Snowmobile back to Ilulissat

After a very slow and relaxed start to the day, we will return to Ilulissat by snowmobile. There is no program for this afternoon, so the time is yours to finish visiting the various attractions of Ilulissat, do some souvenir shopping, and/or chill in one of the restaurants or cafes around town.

Day 8
Winter sunset in Ilulissat | The Ultimate 8-day Arctic Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay |  Guide to Greenland


The epic trip will come to an end and you will be flying on from Ilulissat. Remember to book a taxi to the airport the day before, and we hope to see you again in Greenland’s 3rd largest city.

What to bring

Warm, Wind- & Waterproof Insulated Outerwear
Insulated Boots
Warm Hat, Mittens & Neckwarmer
Sunglasses & SPF Lotion

Good to know

Please note that this tour does not include flight to and from Ilulissat, or meals during your stay at our guesthouse.

It is mandatory for all solo-travellers to select the Single Room Supplement in the booking process. If this is not done, you will be charged an extra fee, after booking.

Remember to bring warm clothes. We advise you to dress after the onion-principle, and all outerwear most be insulated and wind- and waterproof.

The scheduled itinerary can be altered.

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