Two-Day Dog Sled Adventure | Kangerlussuaq

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Mitaarfiit Aqq - postbox 1009, Søndre Strømfjord, Grønland
2 days
English, Danish
Feb. - Apr.
Minimum age:
10 years old

This once in a lifetime trip will be an unforgettable experience. Going dogsledding in Greenland will leave you speechless, this is an expedition style tour that'll take you deep into the backcountry to stay at a hunters' cabin or possibly even a specialized tent and properly experience the Polar night, one which might be illuminated by the incredible northern lights.

From when you get introduced to your dogsled driver and the dogs, you will become a part of the team and you will be helping with things like preparing meals, putting up tents or preparations at the hut, whichever you will be staying in. You will be helping with ice cutting, melt snow for drinking, feeding the dogs and packing the sled. You will be learning about the dogs, how they obey and react to the driver, and what you can do to participate when traveling by dog sled. You will get to experience how Greenlanders used to depend so much on the dogs, and how many still use them as a means of transportation, and you'll clearly see how much energy and skill it takes to handle a dogsled.

This expedition can be challenging going on hard ascends and fast descends we do not recommend taking it on if you are not at good health or if you have back problems. 


Supplies for the trip (Food, equipment)
Sleeping Bag


Dog Sledding


Arctic Circle Trail

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Two-Day Dog Sled Adventure | Kangerlussuaq - day 1

First impression

You will be introduced to the driver of the dogsled and the dogs that you will be spending the next two days with. You will be heading out into the wilderness surrounded by snow covered mountains and terrain. You will be traveling downhill and uphill where the driver will be pushing the sled to help the dogs get up steep hills, and step on the break downhill. When arriving at the place where you will be spending the night, either in a tent or an hut, you will help to set up camp. Make your dinner and make hot beverages. Time to relax and reflect on todays' exciting events, while enjoying silence and the landscape surrounding you. If the weather allows you might even be so lucky to see the northern lights above you, giving you a show of many colors. Time to head into your warm comfortable sleeping bag and get a well deserved good night sleep.

Day 2
Two-Day Dog Sled Adventure | Kangerlussuaq - day 2

Last day

Waking up to a beautiful scenery with a fresh breeze to wake you up. You eat breakfast and do some activities of your own choosing, hike, ice fishing or just relax. Looking over the beautiful snow covered landscape, while the sun is highest on the sky. Listen to your surroundings, birds and the dogs.

It's time to head back towards Kangerlussuaq, where you will help gather all the equipment and put them on the sled.

What to bring

Warm clothing and footwear

Good to know

Please note that it is obligatory to rent polar clothing (seal skin or down) and boots, unless you have proper polar equipment of your own. In our experience, very few participants bring adequate equipment to ensure their safety and comfort while on the expedition. Our staff will determine whether you have proper clothes for this expedition.

The minimum age for participation is 10 years. A child can participate only if accompanied by an adult on the same sled.

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