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March - August
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Go for spectacular sightseeing to the Ice Cap and the famous Paradise Valley by plane, at the head of this fantastic Kangerlussuaq fjord. On this tour, we will give you the opportunity to fly over Paradise Valley known for its tremendous Wildlife and colorful fauna, and see the Inland Ice from above.

The flight starts from the former US military airport (Bluie West 8). Which now is Greenland’s biggest international airport - Kangerlussuaq, also known as Søndre Strømfjord. Before departure you will be briefed by a skilled pilot. The pilot will orientate you about the planned route, flight conditions, and the possibilities to see reindeers or herds of musk oxes. Regardless of where you are seated, there is a guarantee of great views from the large windows in the plane. Well onboard the pilot goes through the safety instructions and asks you to put on your headset, through which you can communicate.

Immediately after take-off, you will see Greenland from one of the very best angles. We are now heading for the amazing Icecap east of Kangerlussuaq, where we on our tour will slide over the fantastic fauna of the inland of Greenland. On the way to the Icecap, you will be able see giant gorges made by the retracting Icecap, and one or two moraines. On your tour you will be able to enjoy the various wildlife, and before long you will experience the enormous Ice Cap. On the way back to Kangerlussuaq we fly over "Paradise Valley", an amazing area made by the melting Ice where water flows down the huge rivers, and where the fauna constantly changes colors.

Do not miss this opportunity to see the wonder of the Icecap and Arctic wildlife from above. You can check the booking availability by pressing "Book Now" above.


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