Northern Lights Explorer | South Greenland

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From Iceland Narsaq Narsarsuaq
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Not many lets their chances of seeing northern lights pass by. Do you?

Northern lights are one of the most amazing things nature can create. And where are one of the best places in the world to see it? That's right - Greenland.

This tour will aim to see the northern lights. It will take you to the exact same spot as where astronomers go to study the night sky - and the northern lights. Note that this, of course, can't be guaranteed. But note also, that Greenland, and this tour, has a lot more to offer than the beautiful northern lights. 

This tour will also take you to places, placed on UNESCO's World Heritage list. It will take you to small villages and towns. It will take you to lakes, valleys and to mountains with perfectly beautiful viewpoints. 

The land, covered by ice being more than 400.000 years old, will also take you to see some of the incredible things nature can create by being cold and snowy. When we can't promise you to see the northern lights with a 100% chance (even though the chances are high) - then we have to promise you something else with a 100% chance. You will definitely get to see the Inland Ice, huge Icebergs and massive glaciers. 

Would you let your chance of seeing this pass by? Really? No, so click on the Itinerary tab to read more information about each day of the tour, and then reserve your place on this exploration of the northern lights and South Greenland by clicking on Book Now.


Camping & Lodge stay

Glacier Views


Iceberg Views

Kayaking & SUP

Northern Lights

Settlement Visit


Ice Sheet


Norse Ruins


Qooroq Icefjord

UNESCO World Heritage Site


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