5 Day Greenland Highlights Tour | East Greenland

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June - August
5 days
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Come on this tour and see some of the finest that East Greenland has to offer. You will see a lot of ice and icefjords, where the icebergs quietly float to the sea. You will see some impressive glaciers and get an insight into the Inuit way of life in East Greenland. If you are lucky you might just see whales as well on the boat tours!

This tour starts in Kuusuk in East Greenland. Kulusuk is where the airport in the area is located, both domestic and international flights land here. From Kulusuk you will be transported to Tasiilaq, the biggest town on the east coast of Greenland. You will either fo to Tasiilaq by boat or helicopter - no matter what this will be a beautiful trip and you will have a great view of the amazing landscape.

You will spend four nights in Tasiilaq, a town with roughly 2000 inhabitants. Here you will experience how the modern world and the traditional Greenlandic lifestyle is mixed. From your base in Tasiilaq you will travel out on various day tours in the area's breathtaking nature. Two days you will go on boat tours, sailing among icebergs, see the huge Knud Rasmussens glacier and visit one of the small hunters settlements situated in the Sermilik Icefjord. In Tasiilaq you will go on a guided city walk and hike to beautiful Flower Valley just out of town.

See a more detailed itinerary further down the page.

Come along on this trip and travel to a part of the world, that is far away from everything you might know about. Check the availability by pressing "Book Now" above and book your tour today.


Boat Tour

City Tour

Glacier Views

Iceberg Views


Knud Rasmussen Glacier

Sermilik Fjord


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